Macbeth Act 3 Study Guide- honors

what suspicion about macbeth does banquo reveal in his soliloquy? banquo suspects that macbeth killed the king
what is banquo hoping for? for the witches prophecy- that his sons will be king
what does macbeth say the “bloody cousins” (malcolm & donaldbain) are up to? spreading rumors
for what reason does macbeth want banquo murdered? he sees him as a threat and does not want him in his way. also does not his prophecy to come true
what reason does macbeth give for not killing banquo himself? he is afraid that it will look bad and he will loose his friends
when does macebth want banquo and fleance killed? that night
how are macbeth’s fears justified in this scene? he should be afraid because banquo is suspicious of him
what lines reveal how lady macbeth is feeling about being queen? lines 4-7nought’s had, all’s spent,Where our desire is got without content:’Tis safer to be that which we destroyThan by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.
what is lady macbeth’s problem with macbeth? he is too caught up in his toughts
what does macbeth mean by “be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck/ till thou applaud the deed?” do not worry about the little things
what does the second murderer mean when he says “we have lost/ best half of out affair”? fleance escapes
some scholars belive that the third murderer might be macbeth himself. draw an argument as to whether macbeth would participate in the murder or not. give reasons for your position. no- he is a coward
how does macbeth react to the news that fleance escaped? worried/afraid
macbeth’s sightings have gotten worse, as hie insists he sees banquo’s ghost. how might this progression be a reflection of macbeth’s mental state? he could become insane
what explanation does lady give for macbeth’s behavior? seizures (medical condition)
how does lady try to calm macbeth down? that it is all in his imagination
what is your explanation for the appearance of banquo’s ghost at the table? why do you think macbeth is the only one who can see him? guilty conscience;he can see them bc he is the one with the blood on his hands
besides banquo, who was conspicuously absent from the banquet? macduff
why is hecate angry? she is mad bc the witches did not include her in their prophecies or any decisions
what does hecate say will soon be coming? macbeth
what do you think hecate means when she says “and you all know security/ is mortal’s chiefest enemy?” do you agree? why/ why not? you should always be on guard and not to become too comfortable
what things does lennox say have been “strangely done” duncan was pitied of macbeth.banquos dead, fleance escaped.lennox says doalbain and malcolm killed father (but they didnt)
what have malcolm and macduff been up too? plotting against macbeth to kill him