Macbeth Act 3 Scene 5 The Witches, Hecate and Macbeth

Summary The three witches and the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate prepare a strong spell for deluding macbeth.
Why is this scene important? Shakespeare shows the layers of evil, revealing there are still depths that macbeth can sink to.Hecate refers to a ‘dismal and fatal end’ foreshadowing macbeth’s downfall.Shakespeare links Macbeth to the witches, when hecate refers to him as a ‘wayward son’, implying that he has become fully evil in nature.
What is the key theme in this scene? EvilHecate suggests that macbeth is a ‘son’, although ‘wayward’ and this enables shakespeare to indicate that macbeth is no longer a victim of the witches evil, but more a master, one of them, in their art.However there can be no doubt, master or not, that by the end of the play he has so fully embraced evil that he has destroyed himself.