Macbeth Act 3 Review

How do we know that banquo suspects macbeth? Because he questions his susoricions and actually says it.
What three questions does macbeth ask banquo? 1) how he is spending the afternoon2) how long will he be gone for3) when will he be back
Compare Duncan as king and Macbeth as king Duncan- fair king.Macbeth- cares for himself, selfish.
Who has been accused of killing duncan? Malcolm and donalbain, the two sons.
Why is Macbeth so afraid of Banquo? Because of the witches promise that banquos sons will be kings. He doesn’t want that to happen, so he plans on killing the two sons.
Who is the common enemy of man? What does this tell you that Macbeth has done? Satan. He made a pact with the devil.
Macbeth has hired two murderers to kill Banquo. Why are they so willing to commit the murder? He has proved that Banquo is the one causing all of this destruction.
Who plans the murder of banquo Macbeth
Who has died so far? Duncan, macdonwald, guards
Is the queen happy in her new role? No, she is unhappy and wants Macbeth to stop all of the murders.
The new king fears that the old king will never need worry about again. What are they? He fears everything. Worries of being king, being overthrown, and getting caught.
Does lady Macbeth know about Macbeth’s plans to kill Banquo? What does this say? No. Macbeth is doing this on his own and doesn’t want any help.
What to the fair is foul and foul is fair line in the scene? Macbeth uses it now against lady Macbeth.
How many murderers does Macbeth talk to and how many show up? Two, and three show up.
The third murderer seems to know more about Banquo than the others. What are some of the things he knows? He knows of banquos routines.
Why was the third murderer sent? Macbeth doesn’t trust anyone.
Who is killed and who escaped Banquo killedFleance escapes
Why is Fleances escape going to upset Macbeth? He’ll know who tried to kill.
Where will the murderers go now? Go tell Macbeth.
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the news that Fleances has escaped? He is disturbed.
Why is Banquo so safe He Is dead
Why does lady Macbeth get upset with Macbeth at beginning of scene She calls him out on not doing what he was supposed to do
What reason does Macbeth give for Banquo absense Due to rudeness rather than an accident
Why does Macbeth think the table is full when no one else does He sees the ghost of banquo
How does lady Macbeth cover for Macbeth at the dinner She says that he is having a fit
Both times the ghost appears what is Macbeth doing Gets comfortable and forgets what he did.
What must she finally do to prevent Macbeth from telling all? She stops everyone from talking.
What does lady Macbeth tell Macbeth to do to clear his head. Sleep
Who declined his invitation to attend the banquet Macduff
How does Macbeth know what goes on in the homes of all nobles He pays servants to be spies
Who will Macbeth go see to find out what the future holds for him The witches
Dramatic irony When the reader knows more than the character knows
Why was scene five added? More supernatural elements.
What will the three witches and hectate do later? Will lie to Macbeth and give him compliments to boost his confidence.
Who is being blamed for Banquo death Fleance
How do you know Lennox really suspects Macbeth of Duncan’s and Banquo murder He is a tyrant and they’ve had suspicions the whole time
Where is Malcolm? England, staying with king Edward.
Who is going to help him in his fight to regain the throne of Scotland? Macduff with Malcolm staying with king Edward.
What was macduff reply when Macbeth sent for him to help prepare for the war? He refuses to see him.
What are conditions like in Scotland? Not good.
Who might the lord that Lennox is talking to be? Don’t know, maybe king Edward.