Macbeth act 3

scene 1 banquo questions macbeths innocence, macbeth meets with murderers to kill banquo and his sons (fleance)
what does banquos soliloquy reveal he doesn’t think Macbeth is innocent
Macbeth meets with how many murderers? 2
what significant thing does Macbeth say in his soliloquy “to be this is nothing, they have placed a fruitless crown upon my head””seeds of banquo”meaning: none of it means anything to Macbeth BC banquos sons will be the heirs
what does Macbeth specify to the murderers it must be clean!!! foreshadows a mistake they will make
who does Macbeth parallel in this scene lady Macbeth, BC ruthless will stop at nothing
scene 2 Macbeth hints to lady Macbeth about his plan
what has happened to Macbeth and lady Macbeth in this scene their roles have been reversed, he’s in charge now
16th – 17th century men thought of women: looked down on them, couldn’t handle the truth
scene 3 murderers follow through with their plan
what mistake do the murderers make? fleance gets away BC they blew out the torches
why does a 3rd murdered show up? he says Macbeth told him to be there just in case
scene 4 Macbeth gets the news that fleance has fled, and sees banquos at his dinner party in front of literally everyone
why does banquos ghost appear to Macbeth 1. deed left undone2. revenge for banquo3. hallucination to show macbeths instability (guilt)4. wrongdoing on banquo/ his soul can’t rest
how is Macbeth feeling in this scene very shaken, conscience has taken over, asks for wine
what does lady Macbeth tell the dinner guests about Macbeth vision he’s had an illness since he was little
what happens when Macbeth finally calms down the ghost appears again
what is alluded to at the end of scene 4 Macbeth wants to see the witches again
scene 5 slightly unnecessary scene, hecate is mad at three witches for not consulting her
what does hecate tell them to do make a potent spell
what does this scene reveal macbeth is dealing w serious eveil, it will only get worse
scene 6 lennox and another lord talk about banquo and duncans deaths, become suspicious of macbeth
what are the reasons for their macbeth suspicions 1. Duncans death2. Fleance killed Banquo (doesnt seem right)3. Banquo’s death4. Malcolm and Donalbain’s leavingcommon thread is macbeth