Macbeth: Act 3

being king means nothing unless you are safe while being it what does macbeth mean when he says “to be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus”?
banqo is fearless and boldbanqo has wisdom what are two reasons for macbeth’s fears about banqo’s character?
macbeth did all of the dirty work (killing duncan) only for the crown to be passed down to someone who is not in his family (banquo’s sons) what is macbeth’s main reason for wishing to be rid of banquo?
banquo and fleance macbeth instructs the two murderers to kill who?
they have everything they need but it is not good enough because their sanity is now threatened what does lady macbeth mean when she says “naught’s had, all’s spent, where our desire is got without content ’tis safer to be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy”?
because banqo and fleance are still alive what reason does macbeth give for his mind being “full of scorpions”?
fleance escapes the murderers succeed in killing banquo, but what happens to fleance?
banqo’s ghost what unwelcome guest appears at macbeth’s banquet?
he is scared and starts going crazy what is macbeth’s reaction to seeing banqo’s ghost, which only himself can see?
she says he has been like this since he was young and always has fits like this what explanations does lady macbeth give for her husband’s behavior?
he can’t just ignore “something like this” when he sees ithe doesn’t understand how everyone is not afraid of the ghost (they can not see it) what does macbeth mean in lines 133-139?
he lives in the english court with the king of england what do we learn about malcom?
he went to england to ask the holy king to help him and to send soldiers to fight macbeth what do we learn about macduff?
banquo is the reason they’re poormanipulates them concerning their manliness how does macbeth convince the murderers to kill banquo and fleance?
they have too many friends in common why won’t macbeth kill banqo?
no does lady macbeth know about killing banquo?
“scorpions in his mind” what does macbeth have?
3macbeth doesn’t think 2 murderers is enough how many murderers are there?
he lost the ability to trust anyone what is wrong with macbeth?
macduff and banqomacduff doesn’t go, banquo dies who is invited to the party? do they go?
banquo was killed by the murderersbanquo tells fleance to flee what happened to banquo and fleance?
he’s seeing dead peoplehis sanity is threatened (can’t eat, sleep drink) how do you know that macbeth is still feeling guilty?
fleance escapes so he is not killed like macbeth wanted him to be what is the first thing that doesn’t work out for banquo as king?
fleance’s escape what is the climax of the story?
because of banqo why is macbeth so paranoid?
that banquo’s sons will become king what does macbeth fear?