Macbeth Act 3

As he considers Macbeth’s kingship, Banquo feels? Glimmers of Hope for his sons
The “barren scepter” Macbeth refers to is a symbol implying that he? Will have no heirs to the throne
Macbeth explains to the hired murderers that they must keep his plan a secret because… He and Banquo have friends in common who would be upset
When Macbeth hears that Fleance has escaped the murderers, he reacts with… Anxiety
When Macbeth begins talking to banquo’s ghost, Lady Macbeth reacts by? Telling the others Macbeth has an illness
Which of the following phrases is the most vivid example of figurative language in Act 3? “O, full of scorpions in my mind, dear wife!”
Hecate intends to ensure Macbeth’s downfall by making him… Overconfident
At the beginning of Scene 6, Lennox speaks of Macbeth’s sorrow and nobility in the tone that is? Sarcastic
What does Banquo reveal as Scene 1 of Act 3 opens? He suspects that Macbeth killed Duncan
Why does Macbeth want Banquo dead? The Witches promise that Banquo would father Kings.
In the extended banquet scene, Macbeth chastises Banquo for being absent. What makes that speech ironic? Banquo is present in the form of a ghost
What is the cause of Macbeth’s irrational behavior at the banquet? His guilty conscience
When Macbeth says to Lady Macbeth in Scene 4, “We are yet but young in deed,” he means that they are… New to the ways of crime
To persuade the two murderers to agree to kill Banquo, Macbeth tells them… That Banquo has been the cause of all their misery
Act 3 of Macbeth serves mainly to… Expose Macbeth’s mounting troubles
Suspect that Macbeth killed Duncan… Banquo
Suspects that Banquo knows Macbeth’s crimes… Macbeth
Is suspicious because the witches have not provided information… Hecate
Are suspicious because of Macbeth’s behavior at the banquet… The Nobles
Are suspicious about all events and hope for aid from England against Macbeth… Lennox and other Lord