Macbeth Act 2 Summary

Act 2 Scene 1 – Banquo is uneasy and is having trouble sleeping because of the witches prophecy, which Macbeth denies thinking about when they bump into each other- Once their encounter is over Macbeth sees a dagger leading him to Duncan’s room to go murder him- Macbeth exits to kill the King
Act 2 Scene 2 – Lady Macbeth waits anxiously for Macbeth to return from killing Duncan- Macbeth brings back the daggers used to kill the King & refuses to go back to the scene of the murder- Lady Macbeth puts everything back & frames the guards- When she comes back she finds Macbeth still paralyzed with horror & urges him to put on his gown & wash his hands
Act 2 Scene 3 – Macduff comes to wake Duncan- Macduff finds Duncan murdered- Macbeth pretends to not know what has happened- Macbeth kills the servants & guards when he is questioned and says that he did it out of rage but it was in fact to prevent the guards from saying anything- Malcolm & Donaldbain plan to flee for their lives (Malcolm to England & Donaldbain to Ireland)
Act 2 Scene 4 – An old man & Ross exchange accounts of unnatural happenings- Macduff comes & states that there are suspicions that the sons of Duncan did it because they fled the country- Macduff announces that Macbeth has gone to Scone to be king- Ross leaves to Scone but Macduff decides to go back home to Fife