Macbeth Act 2, Scene 3

What is Shakespeare’s purpose in including the porter at the beginning of this scene? Comic relief bc the audience is upset about the murder
To what does the porter compare MB’s castle? To hell
How does Shakespeare remind the audience of the Great Chain of Being in this scene? When they explain why the night was rough
Who finds KD’s body? Macduff
To what us KD’s dead body compared? The Lord’s anointed Temple
Why does Macduff refuse to tell Lady MB that the king is dead? He thinks she’s too gentle to handle this kind of news
a) when Banquo finally tells Lady MB that “our royal master’s murder’d,” what is Lady MB’s first response?b) what does Banquo see as unusual about this response? a) “What, in our house? “b) it doesn’t matter where he got killed it is cruel anywhere
when Malcolm asks who killed his father, what is the response from Lennox? his guards
a) what does strange and startling announcement does MB make at the bottom of page 27?b) what effect does this announcement have on Macduff? a) that I did killed themb) suspicion
how does MBE explain the murder of the guards? he said he couldn’t be in control of his actions at a time like this because he loved King Duncan so much
Why does MB’s announcement upset Lady MB so much? MB killed the guards which was not the plan
why does Lady MB faint? do you take attention away from MB because he’s having a freak out
how does Banquo bring some order back to the chaos that has occurred in the castle? he says “let’s dress, meet and investigate”
a) how are the Kings son, Malcolm and Donalbain, reacting to these events?b) what do they plan to do as seen three ends? a) scared they will be killed nextb) Malcolm goes to England & Donalbain goes to Ireland