Macbeth act 2 review

Why is banquo uneasy at the beginning of the scene He has been having cursed thoughts and dreaming about the witches; realizing their prophecies are right
What is the sign that the alcohol is ready Lady Macbeth will ring a bell
What does macbeth see before him Bloody dagger floating
How is it foreshadowing He’s about to kill duncan
Why is macbeth sitting around talking to himself Hes hearing and seeing evil things and cant stop thinking about murder
What do you think is the result of macbeths vision His mind is playing games with him because he has a good conscience buts hes thinking about bad things
What is lady macbeth afraid of The servants have woken before macbeth killed duncan
What does “these deed must not be thought / after these ways. So it will make us mad” mean Said by lady macbethWe cant think about the murder or it will drive us crazy
What does “he had not resembled/ my father as he slept, i had done’t” mean Duncan looks like her father
What does lady macbeth do with the daggers Takes them back to servants and smears them with blood
What does lady macbeth tell macbeth about his hands To wash the witness from his hands
What are lennox and porter talking about Comic relief; being drunk
What are three things, according the the porter does drink provoke Lust, makes you sleepy, urinate
How does lennox describe the past evening Unruly; chimneys have been blown down
How might we explain these strange and unnatural phenomenons The earth shook
What does “’twas a rough night” mean Said my macbethReferring to murder of duncan, Lennox and macduff dont know yet
What does macduff find in Duncan’s room Dead body
What does macduff mean when he said to lady macbeth, “o gentle lady / ’tis not for you to hear what i can speak / the repetition of a women’s ear / would murder as it fell” News is too horrible for a women to hear, ironic bc she helped plan the murder
How does macbeth behave Sad and bad
What does banquo mean when he says “fears and scruples shake us” Right now we are shaken up by fears and doubts
Why does malcolm choose to go to England and donalbain to ireland They will be safer and to get away from horrible men/liars
What does “there’s daggers in men’s smiles; the near in blood, / the nearer bloody” mean Closest relatives are the ones most likely to kill you
Why is macduff suspicious of malcolm and donalbain They fled the country
Who will be the new king of scotland Macbeth
What might macduff mean by “lest our old robes sit easier than our new” Lets hope things dont get worse
What is significant about lady macbeth not killing duncan He looks like her dad and it shows her feminine side