Macbeth Act 2

Where and when do Macbeth and Banquo meet? After midnight in a court in inverness
What deed have macbeth and lady macbeth performed? Murdered duncan
To what gate dies the porter compare to the gate of Macbeth’s castle? The gate of hell
According to lennox what evidence proves that the guards killed duncan Their hands and faces had blood on them, and their bloody daggers were founf on their pillows
What do malcom and donalbain decide to do? Flee the scene
Describe Macbeth’s and lady macbeths reactions to the murder just after it is commited. Compare and contrast their reactions to the deed. Macbeth is horrified by his actions and almost incapacitated, lady macbeth is practical- “wash up, make the servants look guilty, go to bed.” Macbeth is immediately swept up in his feelings of guilt, lady macbeth seems cool and in charge.
What two occurrences are reported in this act? In what way do these strange occurances relate to the Elizabethan notion of an orderly and interconnected universe. The skies remaining dark during the day, and Duncan’s horses eating eachother. It would require that there be consequences to disruption of order represented by the murder of the king
What does ross ask the indicates he doubts that the grooms commited murder? Explain. Is ross satisfied by the answer? explain Ross asks what good they could of hoped for by killing duncan there was no motive because they had nothing to gain. No ross is not satisfied with the answer because it would be foolish to destroy their means of making a living