Macbeth act 2-3 (partly from sparknotes)

Why does Banquo stay up so late? He has nightmares about the witches
What does Macbeth see before he kills Duncan? A dagger
What does Macbeth hear a voice saying? He murdered sleep
Why doesn’t Lady Macbeth kill him herself? He looked like her father
How does Lady Macbeth feel about how Macbeth carried out the murder? She is ashamed in how scared Macbeth is
What does the porter say drinking causes? A red nose, sleep, urination, and a new child 🙂
Who kills the servants when they look guilty of the murder? Macbeth
How does Lady Macbeth react to the murder? She pretends to faint
Why do Malcom and Donalbain run away from the court? They think they will get murdered next
Why is Macbeth named king instead of Duncan’s son and heir, Malcom? Because Malcom looks guilty of the murder
What does Banquo wonder about the witches’ prophecy? If his descendants will become king
How does Macbeth feel about Banquo? He fears that Banquo and his sons will cut short his reign
What did Macbeth hire 3 men to do? Kill Macduff and his family