Macbeth act 2

What is the atmosphere at the beginning and how is it established? Dark and scary established by torches
What gift did banquo present on behalf of king Duncan for lady macbeth? A diamond
What lie does macbeth tell banquo? He isn’t thinking about what the witches said
What is the significance of macbeth envisioning the dagger? He is feeling guilty and doesn’t want to go through with the plan
Explain the use if the following in the soliloquy: SleepBloodNight -going to kill Duncan in his sleep/makes people appear dead-lots of blood means violent things-evil things come out at night
Why does lady macbeth say she didn’t commit the murder! Duncan reminds her of he dad
What two creature are associated with death? Owl, crickets
What does macbeth say is a sorry sight? His bloody hands
what is lady macbeths suggestion as to clean the blood off macbeths hands? Was off with weather and wash up
List 3 consequences of the murder that macbeth fears 1. Blood on his hands 2. Hears a voice, thinks it’s McDonald 3. Inability to say amen
To what does the porter compare macbeths castle? Gate to hell Comic relief
What is an apt comparison? An evil sin was done in the castle
Why had macduff been knocking? He is supposed to wake Duncan up
What evidence does Lennox provide that the night has been unruly? A. The wind blew through the chimneyB. earth shookC. The owls sound
Who discovers the murder? Macduff
What is lady macbeths public response to the death? She faints and claims that she needs to be helped
What did macbeth do between the time he exited and returned during the scene? Killed the guards
Why did macbeth say he did what he did? His love for the king and seeing him dead filled him with rage that he killed the murders of the king
What do donalbain and Malcolm decide to do and why? Leave and go separate places so they aren’t killed M-England D- Ireland
What unnatural happenings do the old man and Ross note? A. It’s dark during the day B. falcon killed by an owlC. Duncan’s horses eat eachother
Whom does macduff believe committed the crime? Duncan’s sons
Whom does the sovereignty or kingship fall upon? Macbeth
Where do the Scottish kings get invested? Scone
Where were Scottish kings buried? Is Duncan buried there? Colmekill, yes
How does macduff show his lack of support for macbeth? He doesn’t go to scone