Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary

Minion A servant of a powerful personSynonym: follower
Deign To condescendSynonym: lower oneself
Thither Toward that place or point Synonym: approach, direction
Corporal of the body
Thane a person who holds lands of the king
Surmise a thought that something is possible
Cleave to adhere tosynonym: cling
Interim an intervening time
Recompense to repaysynonym: compensate
Wanton extravagantsynonym: luxurious
Harbinger an omensynonym: indication
Chastise to criticize severelysynonym: scold
Metaphysical imaginarysynonym: abstract
Compunctious causing or feeling regretsynonym: penitence
Beguile to confuse synonym: decieve
Sovereign a king or queen
Purveyor a person who suppliessynonym: provider