Macbeth Act 1 Vocabulary

Plight Part of Speech: NounDefinition: A solemn pledge of fidelityOriginal Framing Sentence: The President of the United States must make a plight to his or her country before he or she may take office.
Brandished Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: Waved in a threatening wayOriginal Framing Sentence: The young boy brandished his gun around the room to intimidate the burglar.
Rapt Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Wholly absorbed as in thoughtOriginal Framing Sentence: The interesting lecture kept all of the students rapt.
Corporal Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spiritOriginal Framing Sentence: Corporal punishment is a severe torture method that mutilates the body.
Surmised Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: To draw an inference; to guessOriginal Framing Sentence: Because there were pencils and papers sitting on the desks, Billy surmised that the teacher was giving a pop-quiz.
Peerless Part of Speech: AdjectiveDefinition: Eminent beyond or above comparisonOriginal Framing Sentence: The skills of running back Chris Johnson of the football team the Tennessee Titans is peerless for his feat of running for over two thousand yards in a single season, something that has not been done for decades and has only been done by a few players.
Chastise Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: To censure severelyOriginal Framing Sentence: Sidney will chastise anyone who makes a vulgar comment about her.
Impedes Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: Prevents; hindersOriginal Framing Sentence: A sprained ankle impedes a person’s ability to walk.
Chalice Part of Speech: NounDefinition: A bowl-shaped drinking vesselOriginal Framing Sentence: The Groom made a toast with a chalice full of wine in his hand.
Recompense Part of Speech: VerbDefinition: Make payment toOriginal Framing Sentence: One must recompense a mechanic after he or she has been provided service.