Macbeth Act 1 And 2

What characters are introduced in act 1 scene 1 The witches
How would you interpret the line “fair is foul and foul is fair”? Everything is going to be flipped upside down; things are not what they seem
What specific plan is mentioned in act 1 scene 1 To meet Macbeth after the battle
What three men are leading the battle against Duncan? Thane of Cawdor, macdonwald, king of Norway- sweno
Who defeated and killed macdonwald Macbeth
What is to be the thane of cawdor’s punishment for his traitorous activities? Execution
Who will receive the thane of cawdor’s title Macbeth
What revenge does the witch plan for the sailor whose wife wouldn’t share her chestnuts Kill her husband by having him waste away at sea
What does the conversation indicate about the witches power? (Act 1 scene 2) Their united powers are stronger and they can’t kill him directly – have to manipulate their powers
What predictions to the witches make for Macbeth Thane of Cawdor and king
Why does Macbeth react the way he does to the witches predictions Amazed- wants these things but confused to how they could come true- not in line for the throne, thane of Cawdor lives
What prediction do the witches make for Banquo Lesser than Macbeth but greater, not as happy but happier, beget kings although not be one
In lines 132-141 act 1 scene 3 what is the horrid image of what Macbeth speaks Killing king duncan
What further reward does Macbeth hope to receive from Duncan? Named prince of Cumberland, successor to Duncan
In lines 35-39, who is names to succeed Duncan His son Malcolm
In lines 48-53, how does Macbeth react to this announcement? He decides he has to take action against Duncan or give up
Where is duncan to spend the night? Macbeths castle – Inverness
What does the nature of the letter reveal about Macbeths relationship with his wife? They see eachother as equals – partnership- not typical of relationships of this time
In lines 13-22, act 1 scene 5, how does lady Macbeth characterize her husband He is too weak, not cruel enough to do what is necessary to be king
Why does lady Macbeth call upon the spirits to unsex her She doesn’t want to feel guilty about killing Duncan- more masculine, strong- full place her husband is unwilling to take
In lines 66-68 act 1 scene 5 what warning does she give Macbeth? To be nice and act innocent so they don’t suspect anything, but to be ready to strike
What action takes place in act 1 scene 6 Duncan arrives at Macbeths castle
How does lady Macbeth great Duncan Really nice, over the top hostess
In his soliloquy in lines 1-28 act 1 scene 7, what reasons does Macbeth give for not wanting to kill Duncan? 1. He must do it now, fears consequences 2. King and cousin 3. King trusts him 4. He is a good man and leader and people will be upset 5. Motivated solely by ambition lead to disaster
What reason against the murder does he give lady Macbeth King just honored him and he wants to enjoy his honors
In lines 36-39, what does Macbeth imply about Macbeths love for her He is a coward in doing what he wants- his love is weak
What finally causes Macbeth to commit murder Lady m tells him the plan and convinces him they will get away with it
What cursed thoughts does Banquo have Nightmares about the witches
What lie does Macbeth tell Banquo That he never thinks of the witches
What is the meaning of banquos answer to Macbeth in lines 26-28 Banquo begins to question Macbeths actions; Banquo wants to ensure he is not losing any virtue
What causes Macbeth to think he sees a dagger His ambitions
At the end of act 2 scene 1 a bell rings. What is the significance of this Ushers in the hour of duncans death- time of to kill duncan
What omen of death does lady m hear? Owl shrieking and crickets crying
Why does lady m say she didn’t commit the murder herself? He looks like her father
What words about himself does Macbeth believe he hears He won’t sleep again
How did Macbeth mismanage the murder? He brought the weapons with him as he left the room
Both Macbeth and his lady comment upon the water in cleansing their involvement how do they differ? Macbeth- even if he could wash away the blood the guilt will stay he turns the water red; lady m- one drop of of water will rid them of the deed and clear their conscience
Why has ma duff come to Macbeths castle? To wake the king
What unusual thighs happened to macduff and Lennox during the night Wind blew over the chimneys, earthquakes, strange happenings
Who discovers the murder? Macduff
Why does Macbeth kill the kings me ? He was so angry over Duncan’s death
Why might lady m pretend to faint To take attention away from Macbeth and his actions
What actions to Malcolm and donalbain take? Plan to run, donalbain to Ireland, malcolm to England
in line 5-20, Ross and the Old Man discuss the strange events occurring. How are these strange events familiar? duncan’s horses break of their stalls and kill each other. an owl killed a falcon
how does popular opinion acount for the murder? Malcolm and Donalbain are prime suspects, people think they paid the servants and then fled the country.
who has been named king? Macbeth
why does Macduff not plan to attend Macbeth’s coronation? because he thinks Macbeth killed Duncan and he doesn’t trust Macbeth.