Macbeth Act 1

when, where and with whom do the witches plan to meet next? when- after the battlewhere- on a heath in the fieldwith- macbeth
who does the captain say is “brave”? what did this brave man to do deserve the title? macbeth because he fought & defeated mcdonwald
who was macbeth fighting against mcdonwald
from where has ross come? what news does he bring? fife; that the thane of cawdor tried to go against duncan by joining forces w/ norway. but scottland won
what did ross say Scotland demanded from the king of norway? $10,000; promised to bury the men in return
who gains the title of thane of cawdor? macbeth
summarize the story the 1st witch tells.what do the witches plan to revenge? 1st witch- fat woman was eating chestnuts & would not give her any so the witch put a spell on the woman’s husband. (create a storm while he was at sea)
why is banquo confused by the witches when he first sees them? they had beards
when the witches first speak to macbeth & banquo, what do they say? all hail- thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, & king
what do they prophesy for banquo? he will not be king or thane but a little lesser than macbeth and his childreen will be kings
what does macbeth mean by “the greatest is behind”? he was the thane of glamis; now he is the thane of cawdor. all he has left is to be king
why is macbeth confused by the witches’ prophesies the thane isnt dead & didnt know he was a trader
why have ross & angus come? to tell macbeth that he is the new thane of cawdor
what does macebeth mean when he says “why do you address me in borrowed robes”?what does angus tell macbeth the reason is? because the thane isnt dead yet;he called him that because he confessed
in lines 127-129, macbeth says “two truths are told/ as happy proulouges to the swelling act/ imperial theme” what are the imperial theme and happy prologues? imperial theme: becoming kinghappy prologues: thanes (glamis & cawdor)
in macbeth’s asides, what problem does he mention? he has to kill the king
what do we learn at the beginning of scene 4? the thane of cawdor confessed, now he is dead
what does the king say about cawdor? he was a trustworthy man
who gains the estate of thane? Malcolm
what is macbeth’s immediate reaction to malcolm? he was jealous and now wants to kill him
what does macbeth mean by “stars, hide your fears,/ let not light see my black and deep desires”? he is thinking evil thoughts about killing Malacolm
summarize what macbeth tells his wife in his letter to her the prophecy the witches told him about being king
what is lady macbeth’s reaction to this news? happy but she does not think macbeth can do it
what does lady macbeth say about her husband? why is her description surprising, considering the description of macbeth in scene 2? that he is too nice and is a wimp; in scene 2, the king made a big deal about him being a worrier since he defeated mcdonawald
after she hears that macbeth is on his way home and that the king is coming over, what does lady macbeth want? what does she have planned? wants to make everything look good at home and then kill the king
what does lady macbeth want macbeth to do? be nice while plotting to kill
how does duncan feel at macbeth estate? why is this ironic? comfortable; they want to kill
in his solilquy, macbeth says, “if it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well if it were done quickly.” what is “it”? “it” is killing the king
why does macbeth say duncan is “here in double trust”? why does this bother macbeth? bc the king trust macbeth as a kinsmen and solider;it bothers macbeth bc he will betray him and kill
why does macbeth second-guess the “deed”? he likes the king bc the king honored him
when macbeth tries to call off the murder, what is lady macbeth’s reaction? she is mad
what is lady macbeth’s answer when macbeth ask “if they fail”? we wont fail
what is the plan? get everyone drunk, sneak into the kings room & kill him, and then plant daggers on the guards
what is your impression of the relationship b/t macbeth and lady macbeth? why do you think lady macbeth has so much control over macbeth? lady is controlling and manipulative; shes controlling because she thinks he is a sissy
were lady macbeth’s fears about macbeth legitimate? why or why not? yes because he could back out