By the pricking of my thumbs,Something wicked this way comes.Open, locks,Whoever knocks.Who is knocking in this scene, why is this character meeting with the weird sisters? macbeth
Is this the dagger which I see before me,the handle toward my hand? Macbeth, sees this vision of killing King Duncan
What three things does Macbeth learn from the witches and apparitions and how does he react to them? 1. He should fear Macduff, he is thankful for the warning. 2. He shouldn’t fear any man born of a woman, he rethinks his views on Macduff. 3. Nothing will affect his reign until Birnam Wood moves, he knows that a forest can’t get up and move so he is very secure in the fact that he will reign until he dies of natural causes.
From this moment,The firstlings of my heart shall be,The firstling of my hand, Macbeth hears that Macduff had fled to England, so he kills his family. This was almost saying it was an impulse
The castle of Macduff I will surprise,Seize upon Fife, give to th’ edge o’ th’ swordHis wife, his babes, and all unfortunate soulsThat trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool.This deed I’ll do before this purpose cool.But no more sights!—Where are these gentlemen?Come, bring me where they are. macbeth
“Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn / The power of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth.” second apparition
But there’s no bottom, none,In my voluptuousness. Your wives, your daughters,Your matrons, and your maids could not fill upThe cistern of my lust, and my desireAll continent impediments would o’erbearThat did oppose my will. Better MacbethThan such an one to reign. malcom
Malcolm deliberately lies to Macduff. What does this behavior, and the reason for it, reveal about malcolm? Malcolm tests Macduff’s loyalty because he is suspicious, not naive as this father Duncan was.
O Scotland, Scotland! macduff
He has no children. All my pretty ones?Did you say all? O hell-kite! All?What, all my pretty chickens and their damAt one fell swoop? macduff
Out, damned spot! Out, I say!—One, two. Why, then, ’tis time to do ‘t. Hell is murky!—Fie, my lord, fie! A soldier, and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account?—Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him. lady macbeth
How is the prophecy of Birnam Wood moving to Dunsinane Hill fulfilled? Each man in the English force cuts down a bough to provide cover so that the size of the army is not known.
loyal general banquo
rightful air malcom
2 promises given to macbeth 1-no man born of women will kill him 2- birnham woods will come to ducstenan
what do the three apparitions look like 1-armed soldier2-bloody baby 3- child with a crown
who killed macbeth mcduff