macbeth 5

Explain Lady Macbeth’s sleep walking. She is deeply psychologically troubled over the murders she and Macbeth have committed. What murders does she reveal? – The murders of Duncan, Banquo and Lady Macduff.
Why do the doctor and Gentlewoman agree to keep secret Lady Macbeth’s words? They are loyal to her and feel it is their duty
What is Lady Macbeth referring to when she says, “Out, damned spot!”? The imaginary [figurative] blood on her hands from the murders.
Explain the meaning of ill-fitting clothes in this act and in the play in general. The clothes are a reflection of the person’s status in society – they must fit the person’s role and social position. When the ‘clothes don’t fit,’ it means the person is an imposter of sorts – he does not belong in the station [status] reflective of his clothes.
Why is Macbeth still feeling secure, even though he knows troops are invading Scotland? He believes he can not be harmed, based on the Witches’ predictions.
Why does Macbeth not respond to Lady Macbeth’s state of ill health? He is busy with planning against the English’s and Malcolm’s invasion of Scotland.
What is the doctor’s diagnosis of Lady Macbeth’s condition? She must cure herself – there is nothing he can do, for this is a problem with her mind.
Explain how the wood of Birnam moves. Malcolm asks his men to cut boughs and carry them before them toward Macbeth’s castle, Dunsinane. The boughs will hide how many troops there are present.
Explain the makeup of Macbeth’s forces. He has drafted and forced people to fight with him; no one wants to support him of freewill.
Explain Macbeth’s view of life as expressed in the “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…” speech. He is defeated and pessimistic.
Why is it dishonorable for Macbeth to kill Young Siward? Young Siward us fighting in his first battle – Macbeth could have spared him – Young Siward does not have the experience or expertise of Macbeth.
Explain the death of Young Siward in terms of his father’s, Old Siward’s, reactions. Old Siward speaks proudly of Young Siward’s courage and sacrifice.
Explain how Macbeth dies. Macduff kills him in one-on-one battle.
Who becomes the King of Scotland after Macbeth’s death? Malcolm
What is now restored? The Great Chain of Being.
$ Armed Head Macduff
$ Bloody Child Macduff
$ Crowned child Malcolm
$ A show of 8 kings descendents of Banquo
$ How does burnum move to the castle? uses camoflague with Malcolm
$ who asked “Had the before young en inexperiences victim macbeth”? Old Siward
$ Old Siward from england, was a general
$ Young Siward killed by Macbeth
$ Macduff was not born of women “c-section”
$ Witches Equivicators
$ Who do the critics suggest the unsex me speech, who is she asking to unsex? The witches
$ Who discovered the dead body of Duncan? Macduff
$ When Macbeth states “will dare to sleep young and deed his past life…” young and inexperienced