who kills macbeth macduff
how many men reign as king of scotland 3
whom does lady macbeth frame for the murder of duncan duncans drunken chamberlains
who kills banquo a group of murderers hired by macbeth
how does lady macbeth die offstage
who discovers duncans body donalbain
whom does macbeth see sitting in his chair at the banquet banquo’s ghost
what vision does Macbeth have before he kills duncan he sees a gloating dagger pointing him to duncans chamber
with whom are the scots at war at the beginning of the play denmark
which nations army invades scotland at the end of the play england
who is the goddess of witchcraft in the play Hecate
who kills donalbain no one
what happens to lady macbeth before she dies she sleepwalks
who kills young siward macbeth
where are scottish kings crowned scone
why is macduff able to kill macbeth despite the witches prophecy he was born by cesarean section
where is duncan killed in his bedchamber at macbeths castle
who flees scotland to join malcolm in england macduff
what was the weather like the night duncan was murdered stormy and violent
who kills lady macbeth lady macbeth
who flees scotland immediately after duncans death malcolm and donalbain
who jokes that he works at “hell gate” porter
what title is macbeth first given in act 1 thane of cawdor
who tells macduff that his family has been killed ross
how does birnam wood come to dunsinane malcolm’s army hides behind cut-off tree branches