In scene one, where do the witches plan to meet again, and with who? After the battle is lost and won; MacBeth
What does the Captain report about the battle to Duncan? MacBeth was a hero and killed MacDonwald
What happened to the original Thane of Cawdor and why did he lose his title? He was a traitor and was beheaded.
What do the witches mean by Banquo’s prophecy? 1. He was never king, but he had morals. 2.Fleance survived when he was killed. 3. His son will eventually be king.
What reward was given to MacBeth? He was the Thane of Cawdor; third in line to the king
What is Lady MacBeth’s plan for the king? To kill him in his sleep
What is the setting of the play? Scotland
What is the prophecy declared by the witches for MacBeth? He will be king.
What does MacBeth ask of Banquo at the beginning of Act 2? To talk about what the three witches had told them.
What does MacBeth do in his soliloquy? He pumps himself up to kill King Duncan; sees a floating dagger
Why was Lady MacBeth unable to commit the murder? Duncan sleeping reminded her of her father.
How does Macbeth feel after killing King Duncan? Very regretful; wishes he could wash it all away
What does MacBeth wish the knocking could do? Wake King Duncan
What is the first reaction to Duncan’s murder and who is it? Horror; MacDuff
What does MacBeth do to the supposed murderers and why? Kills them; to be sure that they don’t speak and reveal that he did it
What does Lady MacBeth do after hearing King Duncan dies? Faints to cause a distraction
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain flee? To be safe from murder and accusation
Why does MacBeth have Banquo killed? So Banquo can’t fulfill the prophecy and have more children
How does Macbeth feel with his newfound power? Very paranoid
What happens when the murderers try to kill Banquo and his son? Fleance gets away alive and well.
What does the ghost of Banquo do to MacBeth’s paranoia? It increases and caused him to make a scene
How does Lady MacBeth make her husband feel better after he sees the ghost? She sends everyone home and tells MacBeth that he’s just seeing things
By Scene 6, what opinion do Lennox and the other lords hold of MacBeth? They are all very suspicious of him.
What are the witches doing at the beginning of this act? Brewing a potion in the cauldron
What ingredients go into their brew? What symbolic purpose does his vile concoction serve? Blood, guts, and evil things; it shows how truly evil they are
What four things does MacBeth see and hear from the witches and the apparitions and how does he react to them? 1.fear MacDuff one born of woman can kill him 3.he will reign until the Forrest reaches the castle 4. 8 kings and Banquo He acts as if he isn’t worried at all
How does MacBeth react to MacDuff’s departure? He wants him and his family dead.
How does MacDuff react to the news that his family had been slaughtered? He is saddened, but seeks revenge for his family.
What faults does Malcolm claim to have? 1. Lust 2. Greed 3. Hell on Earth
What action is taken by MacDuff and Malcolm? They are taking an army of 10,000 to overthrow MacBeth
What significance does the Doctor have? To show that Lady MacBeth is losing her mind
Why is Lady MacBeth sleepwalking? She is going crazy with guilt over all of the murder.
When does she die? Right before the last battle; she committed suicide
Why won’t the doctor or gentlewoman tell anyone what they have seen or heard? Lady Macbeth admitted to murder
What is MacBeth’s current psychological condition? He has gone insane
His is the prophecy of the Birnam Wood moving to Dunsinane Hill fulfilled? Malcolm’s army camouflaged themselves in limbs from the woods and moved in on the castle
Why doesn’t MacBeth put his armour on when he goes out to battle? No one “woman born” can kill him
What is it that frightens MacBeth before he is killed by MacDuff? That MacDuff wasn’t born of woman
Who decides who becomes king and who does he choose? MacDuff; Malcolm