praises macbeth and expresses a desire to visit the castle at Inverness King Duncan
accompanies macbeth when he meets the witches banquo
tells the king about macbeths bravery in battle the captain
king duncan decides to make macbeth thane od cawdor because…. macbeth fought heroically for the king
doubt macbeth’s determination to kill the king lady macbeth
is named the prince of cumberland and heir to the throne Malcolm
lady macbeth seems more ____ than her husband ambitious
Macbeth expresses doubt about murdering King Duncan because he is suppose to be loyal to his king
The play’s first act includes all of the following events except the murder of the king
The murder of King Duncan is set to take place In macbeth’s castle
ACT 2is fearful of divine punishment because he can’t say amen Macbeth
Tells his brother that he fears the daggers in mens smile Donaldbain
fears that the bloody daggers will reveal who killed the king and replaces them in the room Lady Macbeth
is awake late at night with is son and is alarmed by dreams he’s had of the witches Banquo
Act II takes place in macbeth’s castle
The dagger that macbeth sees leading him into Duncan’s room is part of a hallucination
When Macbeth talks nervously about the murders, lady macbeth tells him to relax and be cool
Duncans guards are murdered by Macbeth
After the murder, Malcolm and donalbain flee scotland because they fear they will be killed
ACT 3 When act 3 begins ____ is king of scotland Macbeth
Macbeth convinces the two murders to kill Banquo because… banquo had previously harmed them
What is lady macbeths role in Macbeth’s plan to kill Banquo and Fleace? she doesnt know about it
Macbeths plan regarding Banquo ultimatley fails because Fleace escapes
Macbeth is happy and social and the banquet until… he sees a ghost
Who didnt go to the banquet which made macbeth worry about a plan against him MacDuff
When Macbeth says “Blood will have blood” he means that he will have to keep killing more people
When Macbeth freaks out at the Banquet, Lady Macbeth says that macbeth is sick and everyone should go
___ is the queen of the witches Hecate
Malcolm has gone to __ to ask King Edward to help him over throw Macbeth England
ACT 4_ tells macbeth to be ware of Macduff the armed head
_ says that no man born of woman will hurt Macbeth the bloody child
___ says that Macbeth wont be defeated until birnam forest marches to Macbeths castle the child with a crown and a tree branch
__ shows Macbeth a line of eight kings Banquos ghost
___ Tells macduff that macbeth has killed his family Ross
Which character does not appear in act 4 Lady Macbeth
In response to Macbeth’s questions, the witches … show him appirations which give him some information
Lady Macduff misses her last chance for escape, which comes when an anonymous messenger warns her
Malcolm pretends hes too evil to become a king in order to find out if Macduff is loyal
When Macduff recieves news of his familys death, Malcolm urges him to get angry and take revenge
ACT 5The woman in scene 1 refuses to repeat Lady Macbeths sleep talk to the doctor because lady macbeth made her promise not to reveal the words to anyone
When Lady Macbeth says “out damned spot” the “damned spot” is… blood
Macbeth is not afraid of young siward because the boy was born of woman
As macbeth’s anxiety grows, he orders the doctor to cure lady macbeth
What is NOT something Lady Macbeth talks about in her sleep Malcolm
Macbeths reaction to his wifes death shows that he thinks life is a meaningless path to death
A messenger tells Macbeth that the forrest is coming towards to castle
Macbeth finally realizes that the witches and appirations deceived him with ambiguous messages
Who was not born of woman and is able to kill Macbeth Macduff
Who became king at the end of the play Malcolm