Who is the main character in the play? Macbeth is the main character in the play.
Describe the setting of the play? The play takes place in medieval Scotland. For most of the book, the weather is poor, and it is very rainy.
What does the third witch tell Macbeth? The third witch tells Macbeth that he will someday become the King of Scotland.
What do the witches tell Banquo? The witches tell Banquo that he will not become king, but his future generations will.
Who convinces Macbeth to kill Duncan? Lady Macbeth convinces Macbeth to kill Duncan.
How does Macbeth feel before he kills Duncan? He does not know for sure if he will murder Duncan, and never is quite on board with his wife’s ideas.
How does Macbeth fell after he kills Duncan? Macbeth wishes he had not killed Duncan, and regrets his choice horribly.
How does Lady Macbeth comfort Macbeth his his time of turmoil? She tells him that he cannot take back his actions, and that now he is King.
Why does Macbeth kill Banquo? Macbeth knows that Banquo’s children will become king, so he attempts to settle any threats to his throne.
Who flees Scotland right after the death of Duncan? Malcolm and Macduff flee Scotland after the death of Duncan.
Does Macbeth kill Banquo’s son? No. Banquo’s son escapes from the murderers.
Who is the leader of the witches? Helcate is the leader of the witches.
Who does Macbeth listen to during the second encounter with the witches? Macbeth listens to the three Apparitions.
Who does Macbeth kill during the battle at the end of the play? Macbeth kills young Siward.
Who goes mentally insane by the end of the play? Lady Macbeth goes mentally insane by the end of the play.
Whose family does Macbeth kill? Macbeth kills Macduff’s family.
What does the First Apparition say to Macbeth? The first Apparition tells Macbeth to be cautious of the Thane of Fife.
What does Macbeth hear right before he kills Duncan? Macbeth hears the ringing of a bell right before he kills Duncan.
Who first learns that Duncan died? Macduff finds out that Duncan died.
Who physically kills Banquo? Macbeth hires three murderers to kill Banquo.
What does Macbeth see that no one else can see at the banquet? Macbeth can see the Ghost of Banquo, but no one else can.
Does Macbeth kill Duncan’s guards? Yes, Macbeth kills Duncan’s guards.
Who tells Macduff that his whole family had been killed? Ross tells Macduff about the loss of his family.
What does the Doctor say that will help Lady Macbeth? The Doctor says that Lady Macbeth needs God’s forgiveness.
Who tells Macbeth that his wife died? Seyton tells Macbeth that his wife died.
What do the witches tell Macbeth to do when he listens to the Apparitions? They tell Macbeth to listen to them only and not to speak to them.
What do Macduff and Malcolm use to get closer to Macbeth’s castle without him knowing? The camoflage themselves as the forest and move closer to the castle so it looks like the forest was closing in around the castle.
What does Duncan award to Macbeth just before Macbeth kills him? Duncan awards him with the Thane of Cawdor.
How does Macduff’s wife feel before she is murdered? She does not like that her husband fled the country without he ror her family. She feels abandoned.
What does Macduff do to prove he kills Macbeth? Macduff carries aroun the head of Macbeth and declares victory.