Two reasons the play MacBeth began with witches 1. Shakespeare thought that it would draw the attention of the people2. King James was a superstitious Christian and it would make him come see the play and make it successful
2 Themes of the play Ambition and Fear
What are MacBeth’s two titles Thane of Glamis and Thane of Cawdor
What does the bleeding captain tell the King? That the king of Norway wanted to invade Scotland and take over
Who is the first to tell MacBeth about his fame Ross
What witch gives the prediction of MacBeth becomming king? The 3rd witch
Who was the second person to tell MacBeth he will be kind? Banquo
What is MacBeth a strong believer of?` fate
who is to be named kind? Malcom the king’s eldest son
what is Inverness MacBeth’s castle
between lady macbeth and macbeth who is the most ambitious of the two? lady macbeth
In scene 5 of Act 1 what is lady macbeth doing? reading the letter macbeth sent her stating that he will not be king; she begins to plan something evil
what does macbeth’s castle symbolize deception, trechery, evil
Who can lady macbeth and macbeth resemble? Adam and Eve; because Lady macbeth tempts macbeth
What are 3 things that symbolized divine dissapproval? 1. owl screeching2. Lennox sayinh “This is an unruling night”3. MacBeth not being able to say amen
Why can’t Lady MacBeth kill Duncan? because he looked like her father
what happens after the murder of duncan? complete chaos occurs
Who is the first to discover the murder MacDuff
who is the first to be suspicious Banquo
Who describes the murder scene? Lennox?
Why does Lady MacBeth faint when the murder scene is described? so that sucipicion won’t fall on her
what does lady macbeth fainting symbolize that she isn’t as strong as she was
Who says that they cannot trust anyone? Banquo
Who says that ‘They’re daggers in the smiles of men?’ Donalbain
Who does Macduff think is responsible for the death of Duncan? Duncan’s Sons because they fled the castle
what is Colmekill? the ancient burrial place of Scottish Kings in the Island Iona founded by St. Colme
Where did they bury Duncan’s body? in Colmekill
What was MacBeth’s mistake in the muderer of Duncan? bringing the dagger with him
What was Lady MacBeth’s solution to absolve themselves from the murder? To wash their hands
why would shakespeare have humourous scenes in MacBeth? to give the audience a break from the tragedy and to foreshadow another one
What act is the climax of the play? Act 3
wht does scene 2 of act 3 bring? it brings Macbeth’s downfall
After the murder of Duncan who is the stronger of the two b etween macbeth and lady macbeth MacBeth
What does guilt cause macbeth? it causees him to go mad and to fall physically from grace
what does guilt cause Lady Macbeth to do? fall from grace emotionally, become mad, sleep walk and talk and finally commit suicide
How many murderers were involved in the murder of banquo 3
How was Banquo murdered? they slashed his throat and bashed his head 20 times
.Who sees the ghost of b anquo and what does it symbolize? MacBeth is the only one who sees it and it brings him madness; represents guilt
what does lady macbeth say as an excuse for macbet’s strange behavior She blames his lack of sleep
who is hectate? Why is this character angered? She is the main witch and is angered because the other witches gave a prediction and was not informed about it
Who tells Lennox and the Lords that MacBeth is not who he says to be? Fleance
How does Shakespear incorporate real history in the play? in the play they asked king Edward of England to help dethrone macbeth
What happens in Act IV? MacBeth’s decline is in full swing and everyone is finding out what he did
What do the 2nd and 3rd witch do in Act IV? they are making a potion to tell macbeth what is going on
What do the witches tell macbeth in Act IV That a man who was not born of a woman would bring Macbeth’s end
What does MacBeth do to keep his throne? He kills MacDuff’s wife and children
what are the 2 important lines in Act IV “Double, Double toil and trouble””something wicked this way comes”
What does the number 3 symbolize? evil
What do the witches call macbeth They tell him he is evil
What is the first apparition and what does it symbolize A heaf with a helmet and it symbolizes MacDuff who will defeat MacBeth
Describe the second apparition a bloody child symbolizing the birth of MacDuff
Describe the 3rd apparition a glass and a tree symbolzing Malcom being crowned as king
What does Lennox tell macbeth? he tells macbeth that macduff went to england; he is his right had now
What did macbeth do to anyone connected to MacDuff they were to be slaughtered
What does the humorous scene between Lady MacDuff and her son foreshawdow? tragedy
HOw many men are sent from england to help macduff and malcom overthrow macbeth 10,000 men
How does Ross break the news to macduff about the murder of his family? frst he lies telling macduff that everything is ok then after hearing that england will send 10,000 men he tells macduff the truth
How do Ross and Malcom intend to use the murder of macduff’s family in a strategic way thye use it to channel ,acduffs anger and grief to rigorously overthrow macbeth
What symptoms does lady macbeth have and who is the only one who knows She suffers from a mental breakkdown. sleepwalks mumbles trying to confess what she has done and the only oe who sees it is the Gentle woman Lady macbeth also suffers from depression paranoia and mood swings
Why is macBeth not worried abou tthe 10,000 men? he is not worried because the witches told him that no man of natural birth can defeat him
how does macbeth put lady macbeth as an afterthought? When lady macbeth committs suicide he doesnt really care and continues on his way to fight
How do we know that the castle was surrounded in the last scene of the play? the messenger macbeth sends out tells him that the woods aree moving but macbeth tells him he is crazy
Why cis MacDuff the only on e who can defeat macbeth because macDuff was not “born of a woman” he was a c-section
What brings MacBeth’s downfall? his hubris and him thinking no one can defeat him so he steps out of the castle
What scene are Macbeth’s last words uttered? Scene 8
How is MacBeth killed? he is beheaded
Who is Malcom?? The eldest son of Duncan
What is the message of the play? Even the noblest and the most heroic of humans can fall into the depths of ruin
Soliloquy when a character:thinks outloud is alone on stage and pretends the audience is not there
aside a characters private comments; is only directed to the audience
What does a character usually do in an aside? he or she moves his or her mouth to the side
what is the moral of the play? Crime does not pay
how does shakesspeare use imagery in Macbeth? darkness= evil and satan portayed in the witches night= all the violent scences taken place at night blood- all the murders and killings especially duncan’s murder
How long did macbeth rule? 17 years
Why do macbeth and lady macbeth call upon ` darkness? to hide their desires and their crime
Out of all of Shakespeares’s tragedies, macBeth is the most morbid and darkest of all
Why is Lady MacBeth always carrying a candle after the murder of duncan? because she can no lponger live in the dark(secrecy and guilt) na dmust face the “light” (reality) of their crime her only escape being suicide
How is the ambiguity of gender roles seen in macbeth? MacBeth feels “unmanned” by his inablility to act decisively while his wife is constantly scorning his masculinity and LAdy MacBeht calls on the evil spirits to strip her of her “woman tendencys” it is inferred that she was calling on a gender role switch
Whatg is MacBeth’s fatal flaw? his ambition
When does MacBeth become tragic when he realizews thathe emtiness of his ambition, and there is no turning back he had to accept his fate and move foward towards his own destruction