What is the setting of the opening scene? An open deserted place, lightning, thunder and rain.
What are the three witches discussing? When they will meet Macbeth
Why does Duncan believe the solider can provide them with news? He has clearly been injured in battle, he should know.
How does Macdonwald behave in battle? Refer to him as an enemy, a traitor, and a rebel.
When the Norwegians began a new attack, what did Macbeth and Banquo do? Came out victorious.
What news does the thane of Ross bring? He is the one who tells the king ” even though the thane of Cawdor was a traitor”, but the Scottish still wins.
How does Duncan respond to the news of Cawdor’s behavior? Will kill him and give his title to Macbeth.
How do the three witches greet Macbeth? All Hail Thane of Glamis, All Hail Thane of Cawdor, All Hail King here after.
What do the three witches prophesy concerning Banquo? His sons will be king but he will not be king.
What is Banquo’s reaction to the three witches? Thinks they are hulisinating, ate something.
What does Banquo mean when he says, ” What can the devil speak true?” It is possible that the devil could speak the truth, do these witches really know something.
What is Macbeth’s impression of the three witches after learning he has been named thane of Cawdor? He is confused, but he will wait and see how things play out.
What is Macbeth’s attitude toward Duncan when the scene opens? Modisty, loyal, and humble.
Duncan names his elder son as the prince of Cumberland. Why is this a problem for Macbeth? It stands in the way of the thrown.
How does lady Macbeth react to her husband’s letter? She is excited, but also afraid her husband does not have what it takes to Murder the King.
What does Lady Macbeth say will happen to Duncan when she learns that he is coming to Inverness? He is not going to leave alive.
Why does Lady Macbeth tell her husband leave all of the plans to her? She’s going to do it because he won’t be able to fake his way through it.
Who greets Duncan at Inverness? Lady Macbeth.
What does Macbeth mean when he says Duncan is ” here in double trust?” He trusts me because i am his servant, because he is also a guest in my house.
Why does Macbeth tell Lady Macbeth that they will not follow through with their plans? Duncan does not deserve this, hes been very good to Macbeth.
How does lady Macbeth taunt Macbeth into action? Questions his manhood.
What is the actual plan? Get the guards drunk, use their daggers to kill Duncan, then lay the daggers by the guards.
What do we learn from the discussion between Banquo and Fleance? Very,very, dark scene, moonlight, and eerie.
What does Banquo tell us that Duncan gave to Lady Macbeth? A large diamond.
What emotions does Macbeth display during the soliloquy that begins, “is this a dagger which i see before me”? He is very anxious, nervous, witch craft involved, he is end ready.
How does Lady Macbeth get the plot started? Lady Macbeth drugs them with alcohol, places their daggers where Macbeth can easily find them.
Why doesn’t Lady Macbeth simply kill Duncan while she is in the room? He looks like her father.
After Macbeth kills Duncan, Lady Macbeth says, ” these deeds must not be thought/ after theses ways; so it will make us mad.” What does this suggest about the rest of the play? It will take a toll on them.
What does Macbeth do wrong, and how does Lady Macbeth fix it? Macbeth came back with the daggers, but Lady Macbeth went and put them back.
What are they hurrying to do as the scene comes to an end? Put their night clothes on.
How does Macbeth feel in the last lines? Macbeth feels guilty, sorrow, wishing he could undo what he did.
Why does Macduff arrive at Inverness early in the morning? Duncan asked him to.
How does Macbeth greet Macduff? He is very polite, very gracious, acts as if nothing has happened.
What does Lennox say about the night that has just passed? Weird noises, sights, and omens.
How does Macduff react to finding Duncan murdered? Shocked and he is devastated.
What does Macbeth say in response to Malcolm’s question, “O, by whom?” Macbeth says it was the guards and that he was so angry he killed the guards.
What do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do after learning of their father’s murder? Fleeing, Malcolm to England and Donalbain to Ireland.
What strange events to Ross and the old man discuss? A falcon that was killed by an owl, horses attacked each other and ate each other.
What do Macduff and Ross think about Malcolm and Donalbain’s escape? It is suspicious and guilty, think they paid the guards to kill Duncan.
Why will Macbeth become the king? Nobel men get together and decide on Macbeth.
Where does this scene take place? Act 3 scene 1 The king’s castle called Forres.
What is Banquo’s opinion of what has happened? Banquo thinks Macbeth has done something wrong/evil to get the throne.
What do Banquo and Macbeth discuss? Banquo and his son are going riding and they will be back for the feast.
What does Macbeth mean when he says, “To be thus is nothing;/ but to be safely thus”? Being king is nothing if i do not have that sense of security.
Why is Macbeth upset over the withes prophecy about Banquo? I have gone through all of this for Banquo’s son to be King.
How does Macbeth convince the murders to kill Banquo? Macbeth convinces them that Banquo is their enemy.
What does Lady Macbeth tell her husband? Lady Macbeth tells him he needs to enjoy the dinner, the company, and the royalty.
What does Lady Macbeth know about the plot to kill Banquo? Nothing.
What happens when the murders attack Banquo and Fleance? They kill Banquo, but Fleance gets away.
Why do they say the “best half” got away? The real threat got away.
How does the scene begin? Act 3 scene 4 Plans for the dinner party, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are calm and in control.
How does Macbeth react when he sees the first murder in the door way? He is happy to see them there but will be upset to hear Fleance is still alive.
Who enters and takes Macbeth’s seat? Banquo’s ghost.
What is Macbeth’s initial reaction to spotting Banquo’s ghost? He asks “which one of you are doing this to me?”
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s confusing statement’s? This is a condition he has had since he was little, ignore him and it will pass.
What does Lady Macbeth say to Macbeth? Reminds him that guests are here and he needs to pull himself together.
Why does everyone leave the party? Lady M asks them to when she cant keep Macbeth together.
What does Macbeth plan to do the next day? Go see the witches and get more info about his future.
What does Hecate tell the three witches? They weren’t suposed to tell Macbeth about the prophecies and tomorrow Macbeth will come to you and i will be there.
What does Lennox tell us about Macduff? He has gone to England to get Malcolm to help over throw Macbeth. Also tells us that Malcolm lives in descrase.
What does the Lord tell Lennox? Macbeth knows what Macduff is up to and is preparing for war.
What are the Witches doing when this Scene opens? Act 4 Scene 1 Making a potion.
What is the refrain or chorus of their song? Double, Double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.
How does Macbeth greet the witches? Secret black and midnight hags.
What is the 1st apparation and what does it prophecy? The head is wearing a helmet> fear Macduff he is trouble to you.
What is the 3rd apparation and what does it prophecy? A child wearing a crown and holding a tree> Macbeth will not be defeated until Great Birnam of Wood moves to Dunsinane Hill.
What is the 2nd apparation and what does it prophecy? A bloody baby> no one born of a woman can harm you.
What is the last apparation? The 8 kings followed by Banquo’s ghost> they look like Banquo> clearly his descendants.
How does Macbeth plan to protect himself against Macduff’s threat? Kill Macduff’s family.
How does Lady Macduff react when Ross tells her that Maduff has gone to England? She says he is a traitor to his family and friends and his country.
Why does Lady Macduff tell her son that his father is dead? He is acting like a traitor and traitors are hanged.
What happens at the end of the scene? Act 4 scene 2 The son is murdered and the wife is being chased by murders and is killed.
How does Macduff feel about Scottland at the beginning of the scene? Act 4 scene 3. It is bad, crime, disease, and Macbeth.
How does Macduff characterize Macbeth? Worst of all demons in hell.
How does Malcom characterize himself initially in this scene? Act 4 Scene 3 Worse than Macbeth without quality of king.
Macduff tries to persuade Malcolm that he is fit to rule, but eventually Macduff says what? O Scottland O Scottland.
What does Malcolm say after Macduffs outburst? Testing his intentions for Scottland.
What has old Siward done? He has gathered an army of 10,000 troops ready to invade Scottland.
What do we learn about the king of England? He can heal people with touch.
How does Ross describe Scottland to Macduff? It is a grave and not the mother land.
What is Macduffs reaction to the murder of his wife and children? He is devastated and asking the same questions.
How does Malcolm respond to the news? Take grief and use to get revenge on Macbeth.
According to the waiting-gentlewoman, what has Lady M been doing? She is sleep walking, she gets dressed, writes on a piece of paper,, and goes wash her hands for 15 minutes.
When Lady M first enters the scene what is she saying and doing? Act 5 scene 1 “Out damned spot” she is cursing the spot of blood on her hand bc it wont come out.
What does the gentle-woman say about trading places with Lady M? I wouldnt trade places with her if i had to be that troubled.
What does the dr do for Ladyy M? Nothing. there is nothing he can do.
What do the Noble men propose to do? Meet at Birnam Wood with Malcolm, Macduff, and the English forces.
What is Macbeth doing in preparation for the attack? People are saying Macbeth has lost his mind and is fortefying Dunsaine so they can attack.
How does Macbeth reassure himself in the beginning of the scence? Act 5 scene 3 The prophecies told him no one born of woman could harm him.
What does Seyton tell Macbeth? 10,000 troops are approaching Dunsaine.
What does the dr tell Macbeth about Lady M’s condition? She is not really sick, her mind in troubled and its keeping her from sleeping.
When Macbeth tells the dr to cure her, how does the dr respond? Only she can cure her mind.
What does Malcolm command the soliders do with the trees in Birman Wood? Cut down branches and hide behind them so they cant see how many we are.
What does Macbeth say about the possibility of the army attempting to besiege the castle? He thinks it is funny that they think they can take the castle, if they do we have supplies.
Why do the women cry out? Lady M has died.
What is Macbeths response to Lady Ms death? I wish it would have been later, he talks about how meanling less life is.
What happens in this scene? Act 5 scene 6 The army arrives at the castle and Malcolm tells them to drop the trees and attack.
What happens between young Siward and Macbeth? Macbeth kills him.
Why is Macduff able to kill Macbeth? Macduff is not from woman born, he was premature.
How does the play end? Malcolm is going to be crowned king at Scone.