King Lear Theme quotes

Justice: ‘Though well we may not pass upon.. …his life without the form of justice’ (Cornwall)
Justice: ‘I bid you.. …hold’ (Servant)
Justice: ‘Which is the justice,.. …which is the theif?’ (Lear)
Justice: ‘The Gods.. …are justice’ (Edgar)
Justice: ‘Plate sin with gold.. …and the strong lance of justice hurtle breaks’ (Lear)
Family Relationships: ‘I am made of that same.. …self-mettle as my sister’ (Gonerill)
Family Relationships: ‘my sister, whose mind and mine.. …I know are in one’ (Gonerill)
Family Relationships: ‘Why bastard?.. …Wherefore base?’ (Edmund)
Family Relationships: ‘Ever since thou mad’st.. …thy daughters thy mothers’ (Fool)
Family Relationships: ‘You are not worth the dust.. …which the rude wind blows in your face’ (Albany to Gonerill)
Paternal Relationships: ‘I have so often blushed.. …to acknowledge him’ (Gloucester)
Paternal Relationships: ‘The woreson.. …must be acknowledged’ (Goucester)
Paternal Relationships: ‘The bond cracked.. …twixt son and father’ (Gloucester)
Paternal Relationships: ‘Which of you shall say.. …doth love us most?’ (Lear)
Paternal Relationships: ‘I love your majesty.. …according to my bond, no more, no less’ (Cordelia)
Paternal Relationships: ‘Better thou hadst not.. …been born’ (Lear to Cordelia)
Paternal Relationships: ‘Into thy womb.. …convey sterility) (Lear to Gonerill)
Deception: ‘I love you more than.. ..word can wield the matter’ (Gonerill)
Deception: ‘Edgar I.. …nothing am’ (Edgar/Poor Tom)
Deception: ‘Robes and furred gowns.. …hide all’ (Lear)
Truth/Hidden Truth: ‘I cannot heave.. …my heart into my mouth’ (Cordelia)
Truth/Hidden Truth: ‘For truth then be.. …your dower’ (Lear)
Truth/Hidden Truth: ‘Time shall unfold.. …what plighted cunning hides’ (Cordelia)
Truth/Hidden Truth: ‘Jesters do oft.. …prove profits’ (Regan)
Betrayal: ‘Glib.. …and oily art’ (Cordelia)
Betrayal: ‘They drust not do’t:.. …They do not, would not do’t’ (Lear in reaction to his daughters betrayal)
Betrayal: ‘Well then, legitimate Edgar,.. …I must have your land’ (Edmond)
Betrayal: ‘You are my guests. Do me.. …no foul play’ (Gloucester)
Loyalty: ‘Whom I have honoured.. …as my king, loved as my father’ (Kent)
Loyalty: ‘Gloucester I live to thank thee.. …for the love showed’st the king’ (Albany)
Loyalty: ‘But better service have I never done you.. …than now to bind you hold’ (Servant)
Nature: ‘Unnatural, detested.. …brutish villain’ (Gloucester)
Nature: ‘Loyal and natural.. ..boy’ (Gloucester)
Nature: ‘Crack.. …nature’s mould’ (Lear)
Nature: ‘Allow not nature more.. ..than nature needs’ (Lear)
Nature: ‘Thou, Nature, are my.. …goddess; to thy law my services are bound’ (Edmond)
Vision/Perspective: ‘Dearer than eyesight,.. …space and liberty’ (Gonerill)
Vision/Perspective: ‘I stumbled.. …when I saw’ (Gloucester)
Vision/Perspective: ‘A man can see how this world goes.. …with no eyes; look with thine ears’ (Lear)
Vision/Perspective: ‘The eye that told you so.. …looked but asquint’ (Gonerill)
Madness: ‘O fool.. …I shall go mad’ (Lear)
Madness: ‘Oh matter and impertinency.. mixed, reason in madness’ (Edgar)
Madness: ‘O let me not be mad.. …not mad, sweet heaven!’ (Lear)
Nothing: ‘Nothing, my.. …lord’ (Cordelia)
Nothing: ‘Nothing will.. ..come of nothing, speak again’ (Lear)
Nothing: ‘Can you make no use.. …of nothing nuncle?’ (Fool)
Nothing: ‘The quality of nothing.. ..hath not such need to hide itself’ (Gloucester)
Nothing: ‘I am a fool,.. …thou art nothing’ (Fool)
Paradox/Irony: ‘To shake all cares.. …and business from our age’ (Lear)
Paradox/Irony: ‘That future strife.. …may be prevented now’ (Lear)
Paradox/Irony: ‘Thou art most rich.. …being poor’ (France)
Paradox/Irony: ‘Why have my sisters husbands.. …if they say they love you all?’ (Cordelia)
Fate/Astrology/Superstition: ‘These late eclipses.. …in the sun and moon portened no good to us’ (Gloucester)
Fate/Astrology/Superstition: ‘To lay his goatish.. …disposition on the charge of a star’ (Edmond)
Fate/Astrology/Superstition: ‘Fortune.. …turn thy wheel!’ (Kent)
Fate/Astrology/Superstition: ‘By all the operation of the orbs.. …whom we do exist and cease to be’ (Lear)
Greed: ‘To shake all.. …cares and business from our age’ (Lear)
Greed: ‘Only we shall retain the name.. …and th’addition to a king’ (Lear)
Greed: ‘Well then, legitimate Edgar,.. …I must have your land’ (Edmond)
Materialism: ‘Prize me.. …at her worth’ (Regan)
Materialism: ‘Property of.. …blood’ (Lear)
Materialism: ‘But now her.. …price has fallen’ (Lear)
Materialism: ‘She who even now.. …was your best object’ (France)
Materialism: ‘Thy fifty yet doth double.. …five and twenty, and thou art twice her love’ (Lear)
Poverty: ‘Thou art rich.. …being poor’ (France)
Poverty: ‘The lowest and most dejected thing of.. …fortune..lives not in fear’ (Edgar/Poor Tom)
Poverty: ‘That I am wretched.. …makes me happier’ (Gloucester)
Poverty: ‘A most poor man,.. …made tame to fortunes blow’ (Edgar)