King Lear Review

What is the name of the King of Britain? Lear
What is the name of King Lear’s jester? Fool
What are the names of the three daughters of King Lear? Goneril, Regan, Cordelia
Who is Regan married to? Duke of Cornwall
Who is Goneril married to? Duke of Albany
Who is Cordelia married to? King of France
What is the name of Goneril’s obsequious/excessively obedient servant? Oswald
What is the genre of the play, King Lear? tragedy
Who is playwright (author) of King Lear? Shakespeare
What are the names of the two sons of the Earl of Gloucester? Edmund, Edgar
King Lear decides to divide his kingdom into three parts and give it to whichever daughter loves him most. Which daughter refuses to flatter him and is thus exiled. Cordelia
What is the name of the loyal nobleman who is banished when he argues with King Lear? After banishment, This nobleman returns in disguise so that he can continue to serve his master Earl of Kent
In order to save his own life and protect his father, which son of Gloucester disguises himself as “Poor Tom”, a lunatic? Edgar
Which son of Gloucester attempts to steal his brother’s birthright by persuading their Father that this other son intends to murder him? Edmund
Lear is king of what country? Great Britain (England)
Which one of Lear’s daughters is sent into exile? Cordelia
Which one of Lear’s counselors reprimands the king for exiling his daughter? Kent
When Lear visits Goneril, what does she demand of him? That he send away some of his knights
When they hear that Lear is coming to visit them, where do Regan and Cornwall go? to Gloucester’s castle
Why is Kent thrown into the stocks? For beating Oswald with the flat of his sword
When he flees from his father, how does Edgar disguise himself? As a common beggar
When Lear tells Regan that Goneril has wronged him, what does Regan advise him to do? Go to Goneril and ask her forgiveness
After he curses both Goneril and Regan, what does Lear do? Storms out of the castle with the fool
Motifs nature, blindness, descent into madness, family issues, betrayal, disease, fortune, justice, fate, foolishness
Symbols The Storm, blindness, knights, stripping of clothing
Whom does Lear meet living in a little hovel on the heath? Edgar, in disguise
Why is Gloucester accused of treason? Because Edmund reveals letters showing that he knows of a French invasion
Where does Gloucester send Lear and his attendants? Gloucester sends Lear and his attendants to Dover
How is Gloucester punished for his “treason”? Gloucester is punished for treason by Regan instructing Cornwell to gouge his eye and be left blinded
Who encounters Gloucester on the heath and offers to lead him to Dover? Gloucester encounters Edgar on the heath who offers to lead him to Dover
Who is leading the army that lands at Dover? Cordelia is leading the army which lands at Dover
Why does Gloucester want to reach the cliffs of Dover? Gloucester wants to reach the cliffs of Dover so he can throw himself of it
To whom are both Goneril and Regan attracted? They are both attracted to Edmund
Before the battle between the French and English armies, to whose camp is Lear brought? Lear is bought to Cordelia’s camp before the battle between the French and British armies
What happens to Lear and Cordelia during the battle? Edmund takes Lear and Cordelia captive during the battle
How does Regan die? Regan dies because Goneril poisons her
Who fights a duel with Edmund? Edmund and Edgar have a duel
What does Edmund reveal as he lies dying? As Edmund lays dying he reveals he ordered Cordelia killed
What happens to Cordelia? Cordelia is hanged in prison
What happens to Lear at the end of the play? Lear then dies while weeping over Cordelia’s body