King Lear Quotes – Albany

Albany to wife Shut your mouth dame, or with this paper shall I stop it
Albany to Edmund I hold you but a subject of this war, not as a brother
Albany to Edmund Edmund I arrest thee on capital treason
Albany to Lear Pray sir, be patient
Albany to Lear I am guiltless as I am ignorant of what hath moved you
Albany about Lear A father and a gracious aged man
To goneril Goneril, you are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face
To goneril See thyself devil
On humanity Humanity must perforce prey on itself
The gods These our nether crimes you can so speedily venge
Edgar Fare thee well
Edgar I’ll overtake thee
About Lear and Cordelia Their merits and our safety may equally determine
Edgar Fortune lead you well
Gods The judgement of the heavens
Gods The gods defend her
About Lear We will resign to him oir absolute power
about the whole year All friends shall taste the wages of their virtues, all foes the cup of their deservings
To his allies Friends of my soul, rule in this realm