King Lear Quotations: Nature

Thou, nature, art my Goddess; to thy law my services are bound” Edmund’s social status determined by nature. (Bastard speech)
“Into her womb convey sterility” Lear cursing Goneril
“Loyal and natural boy, I’ll work the means to make thee capable” Gloucester promising to change the natural order for Edmund
“Who’s there, besides foul weather” Kent referring to the storm. Storms often represent disturbance of the natural order in Shakespeare
“Most savage and unnatural” Edmund referring to Gloucester’s house being taken over by Cornwall and Regan
Edgar comes out, disguised as a mad beggar Stage Direction that represents Edgar’s fall from his natural position
“His daughters seek his death” Gloucester referring to Goneril and Regan’s campaign against Lear
“Is there any cause in nature that make these hard hearts?” Lear wondering why Goneril is such a bitch
“‘This time’s plague when madmen lead the blind” Gloucester on the unnaturalness of his and Lear’s situation
“I must change names at home and give the distaff into my husband’s hands” Goneril in anger about Albany’s lack of masculinity
“I am even the natural fool of fortune” Lear feels he was born to lose control of his life to fortune
“I am mightily abused” Lear referring to his treatment
“For thee, oppressed King, I am cast down” Cordelia expressing her support for Lear, the ‘natural’ behaviour for a daughter
“The wheel is come full circle” Edmund on his fortunes
“We will resign during the life of this old majesty, to him our absolute power” Albany reiterating the support for Lear as King