King Lear Matching

1 Glister introduced his son Kent. King Lear divides his kingdom into three parts. Burgen scorns Cordelia and marries her anyway.
2 Not to inherit, base on circumstance of his birth. Sent letter to trick his father Gloucester into thinking that Edgar is inspired to kill his father.
3 Goneril is upset at how her father is acting and how his knights are acting in the castle. She wants the servants to that him badly so that he’ll leave.
4 The fool, jokingly, mocks King Lear for giving up his power to his daughters, Goneril dismisses half of Lear’s followers and confronts King Lear, King Lear is upset and curses Goneril.
5 Fool mocks Lear who regrets hurting Cordelia and giving up his power.
6 Gloucester and his men are coming; Edmund hides Edgar and also wounds himself to make it look like Edgar wounded him. Edgar would be killed if he was found. Cornwall hired Edmund; Regan seeks Gloucester’s advice.
7 Kent picks a fight with Oswald, and gets put in the stocks by Cornwall and Regan, despite Gloucester’s objections. Kent mentions a letter from Cordelia, who is staying informed and involved.
8 Edgar disguises himself as a poor, filthy, crazy beggar named “Poor Tom”
9 Lear finds Kent in the stocks, and confronts Regan and Cornwall. Regan gently suggests that he return to Goneril. Goneril arrives, and the sisters decide that they won’t let Lear keep even one follower. Lear storms out into the Storm. Gloucester wants to help, but Cornwall, Regan, and Goneril ordered the doors locked.
10 Kent seeks King Lear out of the storm, and sends a message to Cordelia and Dober.
11 Lear rages at the storm. Kent leads Lear towards shelter.
12 Gloucester plans to help King Lear, despite Cornwall’s order not to, but Edmund plans to tell on his dad.
13 Kent tries to convince Lear to take shelter in a hut, but Lear says the storm in his mind is worse than the storm outside. Lear feels sorry he didn’t do more to help the homeless when he was king. Edgar, disguised as a “Poor Tom,” was hiding in the hut. Gloucester arrives to bring Lear to safety; Edgar acts crazy so he isn’t recognized while Lear may actually be going crazy.
14 Edmund tells Cornwall that Gloucester is helming King Lear and hiding information about French invasion. Cornwall says that Edmond is the new Gloucester.
15 Lear, Edgar, Kent and Fool waked in a farmhouse, while Gloucester prepares a wagon to take Lear to Dover.
16 Edmund accompanies Goneril to tell Albany about French Invasion. Cornwall and Regan integrate Gloucester, blind Gloucester, and killed a servant who stood up to defend Gloucester. He is kicked out of his castle, and the other servants plan to help him.
17 Gloucester asks the disguised Edgar to lead him to a cliff in Dover so that he can end his life. He leads Gloucester off in the general direction of Dover, England.
18 Goneril starts an affair with Edmond; Albany confronts Goneril for what she did to Lear. We find out that Gloucester is blinded and Cornwall is dead.
19 Kent, having arrived in Dover, finds out that the Kind of France has returned to France on emergency business, but has left his marshall here in charge of the army. Kent also hears that Cordelia cried tears of pity when she heard what happened to her father Lear, who however, when he comes to his senses, doesn’t want to see Cordelia as he feels ashamed for her.
20 King Lear ran away fro the French camp. Cordelia seeks to restore him to health and power.
21 Oswald attempts to deliver Goneril’s love note to Edmund, but Regan wants Edmond for herself, and sends Oswald to kill Gloucester.
22 Edgar tricks Gloucester to stop him from committing suicide, Crazy Lear runs away from French attendance. Oswald tries to kill Gloucester, but Edgar kills Oswald instead. Goneril is plotting with Edmund to kill Albany.
23 King Lear wakes and asks Cordelia for forgiveness, which she fives. Kent prepares for the battle.
24 Regan asks Edmund to stay away from Goneril. Edgar gives Albany Goneril’s treacherous letter. Edmund debates which sister to take.
25 Edgar continues guiding Gloucester. The French lose the battle. King Lear and Cordelia have been captured by the British.
26 Edmund sends Lear and Cordelia to prison with secret instructions.