King Lear – Fun Facts

Where does Lear rule? Ancient Britain
What does Lear give his kingdom away for? Professions of love
Who does Lear plan to give the best portion to? Cordelia (youngest daughter)
Who are Cordelia’s suitors? Duke of Burgundy and the King of France
Why does the Duke not want Cordelia? No dowry
Does the King of France want Cordelia? Yes, even without dowry
Who are Lear’s older daughters? Goneril (married to Albany) and Regan (married to Cornwall)
What does Edgar dress up as? Beggar and madman so as to be safe
Who rejects Lear? His older two daughters
Where does Gloucester journey? Dover
Who takes Gloucester’s eyes? Reagan and Cornwall
Who spits the truth? The fool
What does Kent say? The truth
Kent’s name in disguise? Caius
The cliff Gloucester thinks he jumps off? Dover