King Lear Critical Anthology

Kastan “For Shakespeare…” uncertainity For Shakespeare, uncertainty is the point
Kastan “Shakespeare’s tragedies” Shakespeare’s tragedies provoke questions about the cause of suffering
A.C Bradley pre-eminently the story of one person, the hero
A.C Brad “a total-reverse…” A total reverse of fortune; a man who stood in high degree
A.C Bradley “his fate…” His fate affects the welfare of a nation’ and when he suddenly falls, his fall produces a sense of contrast, the powerlessness of a man
Rutter … “pieta” Lear as Mary, arms full of Cordelia as Christ
Rutter… “lear Knows”.. tears Lear knows his tears make a woman of him and that of his daughters (causing him to weep) are to blame for having power to shake my manhood thus
Rutter “fury ous” Fury-ous authority beyond the male control or political practice
Rutter ‘sisters” Having learnt his language to survive his love test, they now assume the male voice
Rutter- “lear command” Lear’s command that his daughters should speak- put against cultural practice, the audience’s expectation that good women should keep their mouths shut
Essential Shakespeare- Bickley “marxist readings” Marxist readings of Lear would identify inequality as central to the test
Fintan O’toole ‘Enter Lear with Cordelia in his arms’ Overwhelming sense of justice break through the even balancing of good and evil.