King Lear Character Questions

Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia King Lear’s daughters from oldest to youngest are… ______, ______, and ______
Edgar Gloucester’s legitimate son is named….
Goneril, Regan, Edmund The “bad children” are…. ______, ______, ______
He’s got hella knights and they don’t like that. Why do Regan and Goneril refuse to take the king into their homes?
Cordelia, Edgar The “good children” are…. ______, ______
Albany Who is the “good” son-in-law of Lear?
Cornwall Who is the “bad” son-in-law of Lear who gouges Gloucester’s eyes out?
land, money, and property given to a husband by the family of the bride. What is a dowry?
Edmund Gloucester’s illegitimate son is named….
King of France Which character married Cordelia even without any money or her father’s approval?
Kent Who was King Lear’s extremely loyal-to-the-point-of-stupidity servant?
Fool The loyal, comedic, and honest character, who does NOT live up to his name in terms of being funny.
Goneril This character dies by committing suicide.
Regan This character dies because she is poisoned by her sister.
King Lear In the end, this character dies of a broken heart.
Edmund This character is killed in a duel with his brother
Cornwall This character dies when they are mortally wounded by a servant of Gloucester.
He writes a fake letter saying Edgar wants to take Gloucester’s land and property. How does Edmund trick his father into thinking Edgar is plotting against him?
Cornwall This character is the husband of Regan.
Albany This character is the husband of Goneril.
When a character speaks his/her thoughts aloud to the audience. What is a soliloquy?
Nature Who is Edmund’s goddess?
When his eyes are gouged out. At what point does Gloucester finally “see” the truth?
To be kicked out of a place forever What is banishment?
Britain Lear is king of what country?
He gave the servant Oswald a beating. Why is Kent thrown into the stocks?
He wants to throw himself over the cliffs. Why does Gloucester want to reach the cliffs of Dover?