King Lear Character Questions

Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia King Lear’s daughters from oldest to youngest are…(write in this format: ______, ______, and ______)
Edgar Gloucester’s legitimate son is named….
Goneril, Regan, Edmund The “bad children” are….(write in this format: ______, ______, ______)
Cordelia, Edgar The “good children” are….(write in this format: ______, ______)
Albany Who is the “good” son-in-law of Lear?
Cornwall Who is the “bad” son-in-law of Lear who gouges Gloucester’s eyes out?
Kent, Edgar, Albany Who are the three characters who live at the end?(write in this format: ______, ______, ______)
Edmund Gloucester’s illegitimate son is named….
Burgundy Which character decided not to marry Cordelia because she had no money?
King of France Which character married Cordelia even without any money or her father’s approval?
Kent Who was King Lear’s extremely loyal-to-the-point-of-stupidity servant?
Fool The loyal, comedic, and honest character, who does NOT live up to his name in terms of intelligence.
Goneril This character dies by committing suicide.
Regan This character dies because they are poisoned.
Cordelia This character dies by execution.
Gloucester This character dies from shock and joy.
King Lear This character dies out of grief.
Edmund This character is killed in a duel.
Cornwall This character dies when they are mortally wounded by a servant of Gloucester.
Cornwall This character is the husband of Regan.
Albany This character is the husband of Goneril.