King Lear Acts 4-5

Where is Edgar/Tom leading the blinded Gloucester? To the cliffs of dover
What is Gloucester planning to do in Dover? Kill himself
Which brother is having relations with both Regan and Goneril? Edmund
Who died between the eye stabbing? The Duke of Cornwall
Who is in France? The king of France
What does the word natural mean in Shakespeare’s context? Insane; crazy
Who wants to kill Gloucester? Edmund
Which sister gets all sassy because of the other one being with Edmund as well? Regan
Which sister is still married? Goneril
What will Regan reward Oswald for? Killing Gloucester
What happens when Gloucester and Poor Tom/Edgar get to Dover? Edgar leads Gloucester to a field and tells him that it’s a cliff then he fakes walking away and makes Gloucester think he’s falling to his death. When Gloucester falls over in the field, he passes out and then Edgar comes back and tells him how he saw him fall from the tall cliff
What does Edgar say was leading Gloucester to the cliff? He said a demonic figure was leading him there and when he fell it was like he was floating down from the cliff
What is Gloucester’s response to not being able to kill himself? He says how he lost hope in ever ending his own life
How is Lear dressed when he enters? He has all sorts of flowers and that’s about it. (Natural
What does Lear realize about Regan and Goneril? He realized that they lied to him and praised him when they were dividing up the land
How did Oswald die? He was killed by Edgar
What did Goneril write to Edmund in the letter that Oswald was carrying? She told him to kill Albany so that they could be together
Where is Edgar going to bury Oswald? In the sand in a shallow grave
Who is leading the army of France? Cordelia
Who is being very separate and not communicating with everyone else? Albany
Who lost the war? Lear
Who plans to kill Cordelia and Lear? Edgar
Who plans to Pardon Lear and Cordelia? Albany
What does Edgar tell the Captain in a note? He said that if he kills Lear and Cordelia then he will be greatly rewarded
How does Regan die? She was poisoned by Goneril
Who gets carried out in scene three? Regan
How does Edmund die? He is killed by his brother Edgar
How does Gloucester die? He dies of happiness when Edgar reveals himself. He sees it as still having one son be loyal and love him
How does Goneril die? She killed herself, not because of guilt from her sister’s death, but because people found out about her plans and scheming
How does Lear enter in scene 3? he comes in holding Cordelia’s dead body
How did Cordelia die? A servant hung her as ordered to make it look like she had killed herself
Who kills the servant who hung Cordelia? Lear – the way he did is not said
Why does Lear die happy? Because he believes that Cordelia is still alive
Why does Kent not agree to leading the country? He’s old and knows he’s gonna die soon
Who is leading the Country in the end? Albany and Edgar
When Lear says how his poor fool is hanged, why might he be referring to Cordelia? Fool was a term of endearment