King Lear Acts 1 and 2 Test Review

who agrees to marry Cordelia even though she has no dowry? France
who is banished and later returns? Kent
who asks Lear to dismiss fifty knights? Goneril
who asks Lear to dismiss 75 knights? Regan
what is gloucester’s relationship with his 2 sons Edmund is illegitimate but he loves them both
who’s job is it to tell the truth? why is this ironic? Fool, because he’s supposed to taunt the king
who is the most sincere sister? Cordelia
who does Kent suggest Lear prefers? Cordelia
which important characters are not present at the division ceremony? Burgundy, France, Edgar, Edmund, Fool
who speaks of their love for Lear first? Goneril
when does Kent say he will be “unmannerly”? when Lear is crazy mad
how long does Kent have to leave the kingdom? 6 days
how does Goneril instruct Oswald to treat Lear and his men? with weary negligence and cold looks
how does Kent suggest he is going to disguise himself? with an accent
how long has the fool been absent when Lear sends for him? 2 days
why has the Fool been away? he was pining for Cordelia
what do the Fool’s comments suggest about his knowledge of Act 1, scene 1 he knows things even though he wasn’t there
what is the Fool’s answer when Lear asks “who is that can tell me who I am?” Lear’s shadow
what thought does Lear take comfort in when his authority is challenged by General? that Regan will treat him better, he still has one more daughter
who speaks out in favor of Lear in this scene? Albany
in Act 2, what does Edmund say Edgar was attempting to do? betray/kill Gloucester
how does Gloucester link himself to Lear’s fate? Gloucester says he betrays his practice
why does Kent violently insult Oswald? because of his treatment of Lear
what reason does Oswald give for “sparing” Kent’s life? his old age
how long does Kent have to sit in the stocks and who decided this? until the next morning; Regan
who does Edgar become? poor Tom O’Bedlam
what does Lear fear he is succumbing to? hysterica passio
what excuse does Regan give for trying to send her gather back to her sister’s house? she isn’t home, she can’t entertain him, he should go back for the rest of the month like it was planned
Goneril’s husband Albany
Reagan’s husband Cornwall