King Lear Act 5 ?s to Consider

How is Albany’s character change finally completed? Albany’s change as a character was completed when he got the letter that said Goneril was plotting against him to kill him. Throughout the play he lacked strength to rebel against and control his wife. Unlike Cornwall he was shocked at the news that Gloucester had been blinded. After the letter he defended the kingdom and against his wife.
How and why does Edmund partially redeem himself? He goes and “frees” Lear and Cordelia but they had already been in the process of hanging Cordelia so she died. Edmund does this because he thinks this is his duty since he will soon in his mind become king, because Lear dies basically of being heartbroken. So because everyone else was basically dead it was his job.
Why does Cordelia’s death seem such a stunning blow in the midst of all the other tragedies? Cordelia’s death is the most stunning because she was the good guy, she never did anything wrong. Yes, her father disowned her for a little while but he eventually saw the way and loved her again. Throughout the play Cordelia wasn’t one of the most focused on characters so when she dies, during the chaos where everyone else is dying it is shocking. Everyone who was bad or old died, and then there’s just Cordelia’s corpse.
How are Gloucester’s and Lear’s deaths similar? Gloucester’s and Lear’s death are similar because they were both heartbroken. Lear died at the sight of his beloved daughter, Cordelia being dead along with his other daughters, Goneril and Regan. Gloucester was betrayed by one of his sons, Edmund, and the other son Edgar was actually the beggar that was helping him and that he was still alive.
What strikes Kent as remarkable about Lear’s death? Kent is so remarkable because he was always loyal to Lear. When Lear died he was so disheartened that he said and most likely went and committed suicide. Even though in the beginning of the play Kent was banished.