King Lear Act 5 Multiple Choice Review

Edgar gives Albany which letter? The one he took from Oswald’s body.
When Lear dies, who is now in charge of the kingdom? Kent and Edgar
How does Gloucester die? After hearing the news of ‘Poor Tom’s’ real identity, his heart cannot take the shock and gives out.
How does Goneril die? She commits suicide by stabbing/cutting herself.
How does Regan die? She is poisoned by her sister, Goneril.
To which sister has Edmund sworn his love? Neither, he weighs the pros and cons of each sister, but never chooses.
Where is Gloucester while the battle is going on? Hidden under a tree, where Edgar placed him.
Before he dies, what does Edmund try to do to make things right? Tells the others that he sent an order to kill Lear and Cordelia, and they must be saved.
Who delivers Goneril’s letter (meant for Edmund) to Albany? Edgar
What is the final death count by the end of the play? If you count the Fool, 11; if you do not count the fool, 10.
How does Cordelia die? She is hanged, as ordered by Edmund.
Who wins the battle? Who is taken prisoner? Edmund/Cornwall/Albany’s troops; Lear and Cordelia as prisoners.
What was the signal for Edgar to come fight Edmund? A trumpet sounded; herald announcement.
What token does Edmund send with his order to save Cordelia and Lear? His sword.
What crime are Edmund and Goneril accused of by Albany? Capitol treason.
What is Lear’s attitude about going to prison with Cordelia? He’s almost happy about it; plans to sing together and make the most of the situation.
Does Kent accept his position as co-ruler of Britain at the end of the play? No, he claims he is going to die soon.
What does Regan question Edmund about at the beginning of scene 1? If he is in love with Goneril.
While Edmund plans to kill Lear and Cordelia, what does Albany have planned for them? A fair trial; pardon; reinstatement of the king.
Why does the captain carry out Edmund’s order to kill Lear and Cordelia? Jobs are hard to come by; he thinks it’s better than being a common laborer.
When Edmund tries to overrule Albany in his decision to pardon Lear and Cordelia, what does Albany say? He considers Edmund beneath him, not his equal.
The first clue to revealing that Goneril poisons Regan is when Goneril says what? If Regan is not sick, she’ll never trust drugs again.
How does Edmund die? He is killed by Edgar in a dual.
What happened to the soldier that hung Cordelia? Lear killed him.
How does Lear die? After finding out all his children are dead, his heart gives out, just like Gloucester’s.