King Lear Act 1 Reading Check

By telling King Lear that they love him the most out of the three daughters. How do the daughters get the best land?
Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan. Who are the three daughters of King Lear?
Goneril, Regan, Cordelia. Give the order in which the daughters had their “speech.”
As much as Goneril, but more. She says Lear has all of her happiness. How much did Regan say she loved Lear?
The Duke of Burgundy and the King of France. Who are Cordelia’s two suitors?
The way I should, according to my bond, no more, no less. How much does Cordelia say she loves Lear?
They said all of their love they give to you, but they are supposed to give half of their love to their spouses. What fault does Cordelia point out in her sisters’ speeches?
Disowns Cordelia. After Cordelia’s speech, what does Lear do?
The only person who can correct the King; his right hand man and advisor. What role does Kent play?
Cordelia. Which daughter did Lear love most?
One hundred knights, His manhood. What is Lear’s only possession now? What does this symbolize?
You are making a bad decision about Cordelia. She loves you the most. Goneril and Regan are lying just to get land. What does Kent say that makes Lear mad?
Banishes him. He has five days to gather his things and leave the kingdom and if he is still found in the kingdom on the sixth, he will be executed. What does Lear do to Kent?
Do you still want Cordelia. I will not give you a dowry anymore. I only want what you promised me… No. What does Lear say to the Duke of Burgundy? What is the Duke’s reply.
I just didn’t lie. What does Cordelia reply to the King of France when he asks what she did?
I wish you hadn’t been born. What really harsh thing does Lear say to Cordelia?
She is the dowry, and I will still marry her. What does the King of France say about Cordelia?
She is beter off as the Queen of France than the Duchess of Burgundy. What does the King of France say about Cordelia marrying him rather than the Duke of Burgundy?
By acting civilized and still calling them sisters, and telling them to take good care of Lear. How does Cordelia bid her sisters goodbye?
He will spend one month at each of the two sisters’ houses. What is the plan for sharing the care of Lear?
Regan, After Cordelia is disowned and says goodbye, ‘Tis the infirmity of his age. Who first mentions King Lear going crazy, when, and with what words?
Plot against their dad. This is foreshadowing. What do Regan and Goneril do at the end of Scene 1?
Edgar. Out of Edgar and Edmund, which is the legitimate son of Gloucester?
Because Edgar is the only legitimate son, only he gets Gloucester’s land. How is Edmund jealous of Edgar?
False. TRUE OR FALSE: Edgar wrote the letter.
If you help me kill our father, I’ll give you half my inheritance. What does the letter that Edmund reads say?
In his closet. Where does Edmund say he found the letter?
Yes. Does Edmund say that it is written in Edgar’s handwriting?
By “standing up for his brother” by saying that they should investigate this. How does Edmund try to make himself look innocent?
I would give up all I had for this conflict to be gone. What does Gloucester say about the letter?
For honesty. According to Gloucester, why was Kent banished?
Fa, sol, la, mi. What does Edmund say that makes him look a bit crazy?
Did you make our father mad? When Edmund sees Edgar, what question does he ask Edgar?
That someone framed him. What does Edgar think about all this?
The key to his room, Go hide there for a while, and if you leave my room, go armed. What does Edmund give to Edgar and say to him?
Not because he is entitled to it, but because he is smart. How does Edmund say he will get all of his father’s land?
That she is sick (this is an excuse for not seeing him). What does Goneril tell Oswald to tell Lear?
The elderly must be taken care of as if they were babies; role reversal, Goneril. What does “old fools are babes again” mean and who says it?
Goneril’s. Whose house does Lear stay at first?
Because he is in disguise. Why does Lear not recognize Kent?
Rowdy. How can Lear’s 100 knights be described as?
A job serving Lear. What does Kent want?
48. How old does the disguised Kent say he is?
That he is not listening to him nor giving him the respect he thinks he deserves. What does Lear get upset with concerning Oswald?
I don’t think you have been treated with the respect you deserve lately. What does one of the knights say to Lear that he fully agrees with?
My lady’s father, He gets really mad and slaps him, He trips Oswald after Oswald says, I will not be strucken. When Lear asks Oswald “Who am I,” what does Oswald say? What is Lear’s response? What is Kent’s response?
A fool’s cap. What is a coxcomb?
Because Kent tripped Oswald and stood up for Lear. Why does Lear hire Kent?
He offered him employment. What does it mean that Lear offered Kent a purse?
He is a jester but he is also a person that can be honest with the king and even poke fun at him. Give a description of the Fool.
Mine uncle. It is a term of endearment. What does nuncle mean?
The Fool. Who calls Lear nuncle?
Rhyme and song. What does the Fool use a lot when he talks?
A fool, Because he has given all of his other titles away. What does the Fool call Lear? Why?
They have authority over him now because he gave his authority away. What does it mean that Lear’s daughters had been made mothers?
Goneril will have me whipped for telling the truth, you will have me whipped for lying, and sometimes I am whipped for doing nothing. Even so, I wouldn’t be you. What does the Fool say regarding telling the truth?
His men, You daughter is telling you off. What does Goneril say that she is mad about to Lear? What does the fool say?
A tavern, a constant bar. What does Goneril say her palace has been turned into?
Get rid of half of his men. What does Goneril want Lear to do?
True. TRUE OR FALSE: When Goneril’s husband enters the scene, he has no idea what is happening between Goneril and Lear.
That he made a mistake with Cordelia. After Goneril disrespects Lear, what does Lear finally realize?
I hope you never have children, and if you do, I hope they are brats. What curse does Lear say to Goneril?
Two weeks. How long does Goneril say that Lear has to get rid of 50 men?
To Regan (he thinks she will treat him better but Goneril and Regan are actually on the same page). Where does Lear say he will go after the argument with Goneril?
False. TRUE OR FALSE: Albany believes that Goneril made the right choice and that Lear should have to give up 50 men.
Oswald, Kent. Goneril sent _______ and Lear sent _________ to go deliver a letter to Regan to tell their side of the story.
He is feeling so much anxiety. If both of his daughters do not accept him, he could end up homeless. Lear does not want to go mad. Why?
Goneril, Regan Cordelia. Name the daughters from old to young.
The Duke of Albany. Who is Goneril’s husband?
The Duke of Cornwall. Who is Regan’s husband?