king lear act 1 quiz

who is edmund to gloucester? his illegitimate son
why does lear call albany and cornwall sons? they are married to his daughters (son in laws)
whats a dower? what husband gets from wife father after marriage
what does reagan mean by “i am made of the self mettle as my sister” her sister and her temperance/ aspiration are very similar
burgundy is motivated by what? money
what is a miscreant? rascal
what does Lear do to kent? tells him to leave/banishes
what does kent say to coredelia? “i hope the gods shelter and look over you”
what does lear do for his daughters? splits kingdom between daughters & lives with each for a month
what is lear’s own plans? to grant crown to his son in laws but maintain the power of a king
what does kent say to reagan and gonerill? “i hope your deeds make your words good”
what does burgundy’s line on p.19 mean? too bad your dad caused you to lose a husband
what machiavellian thing does edmund do? wrote a letter to as if it was from edgar and let his father read it
when edgar comes what does edmund tell him about his father’s disposition toward him? that he offended him and is raging and might do harm
why is gonneril upset with her father? he’s abusing her servants and ordering them around like he’s king
kent says he hopes he can serve where he stands condemned. what does it mean? he is banished & position is taken away but still respects the king.
why is it an insult for oswald to call lear “my lady’s father” because he said father instead of king
what does lear do to oswald? she slaps him
what does kent do to oswald? he trips him
lear tells gonerill “yet, i have left a _______”. daughter
What does lear call gonerill? a detested kite
what is a kite? animal/bird (animal imagery)
what does lear realize at the top of 49? he let cardellus thoughts seem huge ruining his father daughter relationship
how does lear think his daughter reagan will react to gonerills treatment of him? he thinks reagan will be kind & will be upset about gonerill’s treatment
what is an example of animal imagery from lear’s speech about this? a wolfish visage
does albany agree with goneril? what lines tell you this? no; 284-290
the fool speaks of truth mixed with puns, riddles, jokes, and nonsense. He does however say two wise things. What are they? 1. a snail has a house for a good reason (lear gave away power) 2. the old act wise (you don’t see that in lear, you see the daughter telling him to act, example of inversion)