King Lear

“Now, our joy, although our last, and least; to whose young love the vines of France and mile of Burgundy strive to be interess’d” King lear says this to Cordelia. When King Lear says this he means that Cordelia is his favorite daughter and that he loves her the most. In the story Cordelia becomes from being his favorite daughter to his least favorite daughter. He is saving the best for her. When he says “the vines of France” he means France. This is because there are lots of grapes which grow on vines in France. When he says “the mild of Burgundy” he means Burgundy.
“Nothing will come if nothing: speak again.” King Lear says this to Cordelia. He means that if you don’t tell me how much you love me you will get absolutely nothing from me.
“Unhappy that i am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth”. Cordelia says this to King Lear. She means that she loves him greatly but she does not want to and cannot put it into words. She means that he should know how much she should love him. She is saying that she loves him as much as a daughter should love a father.
“So young, and so untender?” King Lear says this to Cordelia. In other words he means, “How can you be so young and be so unloving to your father?” He says this very angrily.
“Come not between the dragon and his wrath”. King Lear says this to Kent. He is telling Kent to not bud in, stay out of it, if you say one more thing you are in danger. He means that the wrath is his anger. He says this extremely angrily.
Who is King Lear mad at when he says “come not between the dragon and his wrath”? When King Lear says this, he is mad at Cordelia, not Kent. He is mad at Cordelia because she did not say how much she loves him.
“The bow is bent and drawn; make from the shaft. King Lear says this to Kent. In other words he means, the bow is already loaded and you have to get away from the arrow. The arrow is a metaphore. Lear is saiyng, bud out this is a family matter. He is using this as a threat to Kent.
“My life i never held but as a pawn to wage against thine enemies”. Kent says this to King Lear. Kent responds to Lear’s threat by saying, you can shoot the arrow, because my life has been nothing but for you. I have been in danger for my whole life.
“See better, Lear; and let me sill remain the true blank of thine eye.” Kent says this to Lear. He means that Lear should listen to him and do the right thing. He thinks that Lear is being crazy and that he has to dig deeper to get the right point of view.
“Freedom lives hence, and banishment is here.” Kent says this to Lear. He means that staying here is worst that being banished because there is no freedom here and he can find freedom somewhere else. He does not think that Lear is acting right as a king.
“Hadst not been born than not t’have pleased me better.” King Lear says this to Cordelia. He is saying that Cordelia has been born only to please him. He is saying that Cordelia has disipointed him so much for not showing her love for him. Because of this it would be better if Cordelia was never born.
“The jewels of our father, with wash’d eyes Cordelia leaves you: I know what you are.” Cordelia is saying this to her two sisters. She means that Lear values them as precious jewels now, you are the most important thing in dads life now. I can see clearly what kind of people you really are. When she says washed eyes she means because she has been crying and also because now that her eyes are washes she can see clearly who they really are.