King Lear

ACT 1 scene 1 -Gloucester and Kent are discussing the division of Lear’s kingdom-Gloucester introduces Edmund as his bastard son-Lear says he will give the largest share of his kingdom to which ever daughter loves him the most-Regan and Gonerill try to flatter him but Cordelia says she loves him as much as she should-Lear divides kingdom between Regan and Gonerill-Lear disowns Cordelia-Kent disagrees with Lear’s actions and is banished-Without any land, Burgundy doesn’t want to marry Cordelia but France agrees to-Gonerill and Regan plot to take Lear’s remaining power
ACT 1 scene 2 -Edmund vows to get inheritance above Edgar. Bitter about being a bastard-Edmund forges a letter that claims Edgar is planning to kill Gloucester-Edmund pretends to hide letter and Gloucester demands to see-Gloucester believes letter is real-Edmund tells Edgar that Gloucester is angry with him and says to carry a sword
ACT 1 scene 3 -Lear is at Gonerill’s castle -Gonerill is unhappy about the “riotous” knights and claims Lear is an obnoxious guest-Gonerill orders servants to be rude to them
ACT 1 scene 4 -Kent disguises himself as a peasant -Lear accepts Kent’s service-Lear and knights notice servants aren’t obeying them-Kent sticks up for Lear when Oswald is being rude to Lear (Lear hits Oswald)-Fool enters and tells Lear he has made a mistake in giving the kingdom to Regan and Gonerill-Gonerill tells Lear that he needs to get rid of some of his train, Lear is shocked-Lear curses giving power to Gonerill-Lear claims he will stay with Regan-Gonerill argues with Albany about her treatment of Lear-Gonerill writes a letter to Regan urging her not to house Lear’s 100 knights
ACT 1 scene 5 -Lear sends Kent with a message for Gloucester-Fool tells Lear that Regan will do the same -Lear calls on the heavens to stop him going mad-Lear and his knights leave for Regan’s castle
ACT 2 scene 1 -Gloucester finds out that Cornwall and Regan are coming to visit and hears rumours of trouble between Cornwall and Albany-Edmund thinks Cornwall can help him in getting rid of Edgar-Edmund gets Edgar out of hiding and says Cornwall is mad at him for being on Albany’s side-Edmund tells Edgar that Gloucester knows his hiding place and that he should flee-Edmund pretends to fight Edgar when Gloucester enters-Edmund cuts arm, claims Edgar asked him to join him in plotting against Gloucester and tried to kill him-Gloucester sends men after Edgar -Cornwall and Regan believe Edmund’s lies-Edmund claims that Edgar is one of Lear’s knights
ACT 2 scene 2 -Kent meets Oswald and verbally abuses him -Kent then draws out sword and attacks Oswald-Oswald cries for help bring Cornwall, Regan and Gloucester-Cornwall orders for Kent to be put in the stocks, Gloucester objects-Kent reads letter from Cordelia that says she will help improve conditions in GB
ACT 2 scene 3 -Edgar enters, Kent is in the stocks-Edgar disguised himself as Poor Tom (beggar released from an insane asylum)
ACT 2 scene 4 -Lear arrives at Gloucester’s castle with the fool and a knight-Lear is shocked to see Kent in the stocks- Kent tells Lear it was Regan and Cornwall-Regan and Cornwall refuse to speak to Lear (she says they’re sick)-When Regan and Cornwall appear, Lear says how unkind she is-Regan says Gonerill’s actions were correct and tells her father to beg for Gonerill’s forgiveness-Lear asks to stay but Regan refuses-Lear complains about Gonerill-Gonerill arrives at Gloucester’s house-Gonerill and Regan ally and say that if Lear wants to stay with either of them he must reduce his train-Lear storms out into the rain and Gloucester begs Regan and Gonerill to bring him in
ACT 3 scene 1 -Kent searches for Lear in rain-Kent finds out Lear is alone with his fool-Kent tells a knight of Albany and Cornwall’s unrest and of french spies in the English kingdom-Kent tells the knight to go to Dover and gives him a ring to give to Cordelia
ACT 3 scene 2 -Lear walks around in the storm cursing the weather-He seems irrational and switches from idea to idea but still focuses on Regan-Fool suggests to Lear to humble himself to them-Kent finds them and takes them to a nearby hovel
ACT 3 scene 3 -Gloucester tells Edmund how he didn’t like them shutting Lear out in the storm-Gloucester informs Edmund about Albany’s and Cornwall’s disagreement and the french army invading England-Gloucester says he must take Lear’s side and seek him out-Gloucester tells Edmund to make sure Cornwall doesn’t find out about his absence because if he does, Gloucester can be killed for treachery-Edmund plans to immediately betray his father to inherit everything
ACT 3 scene 4 -Kent leads Lear to hovel -Lear refuses to go inside-Lear reflects that when he was king, he didn’t help the homeless enough-Fool runs out of hovel as he sees Poor Tom-Tom says that demons inhabit his body and Lear finds this perfectly normal-Lear tears off his clothes in sympathy for Tom-Gloucester finds Lear-Gloucester brings Lear and Tom to his castle
ACT 3 scene 5 -Edmund shows Cornwall a letter which implies an alliance between Gloucester and the french army-Cornwall vows revenge against Gloucester and gives Edmund the title of the Earl of Gloucester-Edmund is sent to find Gloucester
ACT 3 scene 6 -Gloucester, Kent, Lear and the Fool take shelter in a small building on Gloucester’s property-Lear has a mock trial for his daughters with Tom, Kent and the Fool-Gloucester tells Kent to move Lear to Dover because there’s a plot to kill him-They leave for Dover
ACT 3 scene 7 -Cornwall gives Gonerill the letter about Gloucester co-operating with the french army and tells her to show it to Albany-Servants are sent by Cornwall to find Gloucester-Cornwall orders Edmund to leave with Gonerill so he doesn’t see Gloucester’s punishment-Gloucester is brought to Regan and Cornwall, they treat him cruelly-Gloucester admits to helping Lear escape to Dover and Cornwall digs out one of his eyes, Regan demands the other one out too-Gloucester’s servant draws his sword on Cornwall. The two fight and Cornwall is injured. Regan kills the servant.-Gloucester discovers Edmund’s betrayal and realizes Edgar really loves him-Gloucester is thrown out by Cornwall and Regan, they exit because Cornwall is bleeding heavily-Cornwall and Regan’s servants express their horror at the events which transpired. They treat Gloucester’s wounds and hand him to a man to lead him to safety
ACT 4 scene 1 -Edgar is talking to himself when he sees his father (blind)-He is led by an old tenant of Gloucester’s and Gloucester reveals how much he wants to touch Edgar (hehe) and that it means more to him than losing his eyesight-Edgar remains disguised as Poor Tom-Gloucester asks the tenant to bring clothing for Poor Tom and asks Tom to lead him to the highest cliff in Dover
ACT 4 scene 2 -Gonerill and Edmund arrive at Gonerill’s palace and Oswald reveals that Albany is displeased with Gonerill’s actions and is not looking forward to her return. His alliance is shifting-Gonerill confronts Albany and decides to assert her power over his troops-She directs Edmund to stay at Cornwall’s castle and for Cornwall’s troops to fight the french-She hints that she wants to become Edmund’s mistress-Albany enters and criticizes Gonerill’s treatment of Lear as Edmund is leaving -A messenger arrives and delivers news of Cornwall’s death. Albany is horrified by what happened to Gloucester and Gonerill’s reaction to Cornwall’s death is mixed-Albany discovers Edmund’s treachery and vows to take revenge
ACT 4 scene 3 -Kent (still disguised) is told by a Gentleman that the french troops have landed but France had to go home to deal with a problem-Kent questions the Gentleman about Cordelia’s reaction to his letter and discovers she was distraught over Lear’s mistreatment-Kent tells the Gentleman that Lear is safe in Dover-Lear is too ashamed to face Cordelia
ACT 4 scene 4 -Lear is hiding from Cordelia in the cornfields and singing madly to himself-Cordelia sends 100 of her soldiers to find him-She speaks to the doctor about the chances of Lear recovering his sanity and he says Lear needs rest and some medicines to help him sleep-Cordelia is told that Albany and Cornwall’s armies are on their way and her army stands by
ACT 4 scene 5 -At Gloucester’s castle Oswald tells Regan that Albany’s army has set out despite Albany’s reluctancy to do so-Regan wants to see a letter from Gonerill to Edmund which Oswald is carrying, she assumes it’s about Gonerill wanting to become Edmund’s mistress-Regan reveals that she has spoken to Edmund about having an affair-She gives Oswald a letter to pass on to Edmund and offers him an award if he kills Gloucester
ACT 4 scene 6 -Edgar leads Gloucester towards Dover and stops at the “highest cliff”-Gloucester wants to commit suicide and collapses-Edgar wakes Gloucester up as a Gentleman, he convinces Gloucester that he fell from a cliff and survived-Lear bumps into them, crowned with flowers and speaking madly. He recognizes Gloucester and talks about adultery and sexuality-As Lear becomes incoherent, he deserts iambic pentameter-Lear runs away from Cordelia’s men, thinking they were men sent from Regan and Gonerill to kill him-Oswald comes across Gloucester and Edgar and attempts to kill Gloucester-Edgar stabs Oswald and as he dies he gives Edgar his letters-Gloucester is disappointed that he wasn’t killed -Edgar reads the letters and is appalled by Gonerill’s intentions to have Albany killed by Edmund so they can be together-Edgar decides to warn Albany
ACT 4 scene 7 -Cordelia is speaking to Kent at the camp and she knows his real identity -Lear is brought to Cordelia and he only partially recognizes her at first-He thinks she hates him but she has forgiven him-News of Cornwall’s death and that Edmund is leading his troops is spread through the camp-The battle approaches
ACT 5 scene 1 -Regan questions Edmund about Gonerill, she admits she feels jealous and asks him to stay away from Gonerill-Gonerill and Albany enter with troops and Albany, despite his sympathy for Lear, announces his allegiance with Gonerill and Edmund-As the three exit, Edgar (disguised as an ordinary peasant) catches up with Albany-He gives him the letter revealing Gonerill’s intention to have him killed-Edgar says that if Albany wins the war he should blow on a trumpet and someone will be sent to defend the claims in the letter-Edmund returns and Albany leaves-Edmund says that he has declared his love to both sisters and will make a decision after the battle-If he wins Edmund says he will have no mercy on Lear and Cordelia
ACT 5 scene 2 -Edgar (still disguised) leads Gloucester to the shelter of a tree and goes to fight on Lear’s side-He returns and tells Gloucester that Lear lost and he and Cordelia have been captured-Gloucester wants to stay and die or be killed-Edgar says that death is predestined, Gloucester is persuaded and goes with Edgar
ACT 5 scene 3 -Edmund leads Lear and Cordelia away as his prisoners-Cordelia expects to confront Gonerill and Regan but Lear refuses-Lear describes living like birds in a cage to Cordelia, hearing about the outside but being observed by no one-Edmund sends them away with a guard and gives the guard a note with instructions-His plans aren’t clear but he speaks ominously to the audience-The guard agrees to follow the orders-Albany, Regan and Gonerill enter and Albany congratulates Edmund on his victory-He asks where Lear and Cordelia are and Edmund lies and says he’s sent them far away to prevent mutiny-Regan interrupts and declares that she is going to marry Edmund-Regan and Gonerill argue and Regan suddenly falls sick-Albany arrests Edmund for treason and challenges Edmund to defend himself in a trial of combat-Edgar appears and defeats Edmund-Albany reveals Gonerill’s treacherous letter and she rushes off stage-Edgar reveals his identity and reconciles with Albany, telling him about Gloucester and that he told his father the truth before leaving and he died of joy and grief-Gentleman brings news that Gonerill committed suicide after poisoning Regan-Kent enters asking the whereabouts of Lear and Cordelia-Albany talks to Edmund and Edmund wants to repent so sends a messenger to stop their deaths-Lear enters with Cordelia dead in his arms, his sanity is slipping more than ever-Edmund is announced dead-Lear dies-Albany gives Edgar and Kent their power back and invites them to rule with him-Kent refuses, saying he is too old but Edgar accepts Albany’s offer-They exit as a funeral march plays