King Lear

Who originally were Lear’s two noblemen? – Earl of Kent- Earl of Glaucester
Who are Lear’s 3 daughters? – Goneril- Regan- Cordelia
Who is Lear’s servant? the Fool
Who is Goneril married to? Duke of Albany
Who is Regan married to? Duke of Cornwall
Which two men, at the beginning of the book, are courting Cordelia? – Duke of Burgundy – King of France
Who does Cordelia end up marrying not too far into the book? The King of France
Who is Goneril’s & Albany’s servant? Oswald
Who are Gloucester’s 2 sons? – Edgar- Edmund
Who is Gloucester’s legit older son? Edgar
Who is Gloucester’s younger bastard son? Edmund
Which character later disguises himself and goes under the name of Caius? Kent
Which character later disguises himself as a beggar? Edgar
Who is the first character Lear banishes from his kingdom? Cordelia
Who sticks up for Cordelia, but gets kicked out as well? Kent
What happens to Gloucester later in the story? He has his eyes gouged out by Cornwall & Regan
How does Cornwall die (act 3) ? From a wound that a First Servant gave him while they were trying to stick up for Gloucester while his eyes were being gouged out
How does the First Servant die (act 3) ? Regan stabs him & kills him as he is fighting Cornwall
How does the Fool die? He is hanged when they are all out in the storm before they are about to go to Dover
How does Oswald die? He is trying to turn Gloucester in to Regan but ends up having to deal w/ Edgar, who stabs & kills him w/ his own sword
How does Gloucester die? His heart eventually gives out when Edgar is confessing that he has been in disguise the whole time
How & why did Gloucester try to kill himself? He had Edgar take him to the “cliffs of Dover” to jump b/c once he was blind he realized he had been befriending the wrong son & he had no one anymore
In what way was Gloucester blind when he could see? When he could see, he did not realize that Edmund was deceiving him
How did Regan die? Goneril poisoned her
How did Goneril die? She killed herself after she confessed to poisoning Regan
Who was the inevitable 3 way love triangle between near the end of the story? – Edmund- Goneril – Regan
Why did Regan want Edmund? Her husband had just been killed & she understood that it made sense for Edmund to be her husband (get more land)
Why did Goneril want Edmund? She said she loved him but was using him as an excuse to get away from her prison/Ed that she shares w/ her current husband
How did Edmund die? He was challenged by Edgar so he fought him & was wounded by his brother & died soon after
How did Cordelia die? Edmund ordered both Cordelia & Lear be killed while they were in prison & Cordelia was hanged before Albany’s men could stop it
How did Lear die? Basically from heart break over Cordelia’s death (plus he had been old & was nearing death soon anyhow)
What is inferred about what Kent said at the very end of the story (his last line) ? Since the only reason Kent had stuck around the kingdom was to serve & watch after Lear, now that Lear was dead, it is inferred that Kent will kill himself b/c his task is complete
What are some common themes in the book? – Appearance v. Reality – Justice- Compassion & Reconciliation – The Natural Order
What are some common motifs in the book? – Nature – Blindness- Parent/Child Relationships – Clothing & Nakedness- Betrayal- Madness
Why didn’t Cordelia marry Burgundy? Cordelia no longer had a dowry
Why was Kent sent away from Britain? he told Lear he was making a mistake with Cordelia
Why does Edmund ask Edgar to draw his sword against him? So their father thinks Edmund is trying to defend him
In Act III, Scene III, Gloucester explains they must help the King. Why is that a problem? Edmund quickly tells Goneril & Regan
Who never spent time in the wilderness w/ Lear? Edmund
Why does Cornwall decide to gouge out Gloucester’s eyes? – B/c Gloucester arranges Lear’s trip to Dover- Goneril tells him to
At the end of Act IV, Cordelia comes to save Lear. When he finally realized who she is, how does he react? he finally admits he was foolish
Who says “Come away to prison. We two alone will sing like birds i’th cage”? Lear
Who gave the Herald the note he read after the troops were dismissed? Albany
“If any noble man in the army asserts that Edmund, so-called Earl of Gloucester, is a traitor many times over, let him step forward by the third trumpets blast.” (Who said it?) Herald
“Sure, kill the doctor who’s trying to cure you and pay your diseases. Take back your gift to Albany and Cornwall. If you don’t, then as long as I’m able to speak I’ll keep telling you that you’ve done a bad, bad thing.”(Who said it?) Kent
“I’m unlucky. I don’t have a talent for putting my heart’s feelings into words.” (Who said it?) Cordelia
“This courtesy, forbid thee, shall the duke / Instantly know, and of that letter too. / This seems a fair deserving, and must draw me / That which my father loses – no less than all. / The younger rises when the old doth fall.” (Who said it?) Edmund
“Naughty lady, / These hairs with thou dost ravish from my chin / Will quicken and accuse thee. I am your host. / With robbers hands my hospitable favors / You should not ruffle thus. What would you do? (Who said it?) Gloucester
“If he’s caught, he’ll never make trouble for anyone again. Feel free to use my authority however you wish in order to apprehend him.- As for you Edmund, you’ve been so loyal and virtuous throughout this whole business. I’d like you to work for me. I need people as trustworthy as you.” (Who said it?) Cornwall
“I’ve don everything you accuse me of- and more, much more. You’ll find out everything in due time. It’s all over now, and so am I. (to Edgar) But who are you, you who’ve managed to defeat me? If you’re a nobleman, I forgive you.” (Who said it?) Edmund
“Curse you all, you’re all murderers and traitors! I could have saved her. Now she’s gone forever.-Cordelia, Cordelia, stay a while. Ha? What are you saying? – Her voice always was so soft and gentle. That’s a good thing in a woman. – I killed the scum who was hanging you.” (Who said it?) Lear
“If not, I’ll ne’er trust medicine.” (Who said it?) Goneril
“Yes, he was hotheaded even in the prime of his life. Now that he’s old, we can expect to have to deal not only with his old character flaws, which have turned into deep-rooted habits, but also with the uncontrollable crabbiness that comes with old age.” (Who said it?) Goneril