Justice – Theme Quotes – King Lear

as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport gloucester’s initial views on divine interference- malevolent, spiteful
ever-gentle gods gloucester’s more positive view of the gods
dear goddess shows lear’s initial view on gods
show the heavens more just lear doubts the god’s involvement in earthly matters, hopes to:
you see me here you gods, a poor old man lear quote. answered by boom of approaching storm- no divine, merciful justice
the gods defend her albany quote. cordelia is then carried in, dead. – no divine, merciful justice
the gods are just, and our pleasant vices make instruments to plague us edgar quote to edmund. ironic. implies gloucester blinded due to edmund’s wickedness but immediate cause is, in fact, gloucester’s compassion for lear – no divine, merciful justice
let them anatomize regan lear quote from mock trial re regan. feels inadequate- will not change her, nor the suffering she has caused
this judgement of the heavens, that makes us tremble, touches us not with pity albany quote re the deaths of goneril and regan. saying they have gotten what they deserve- just god(s)
i am a man more sinned against than sinning NB lear quote- disproportionate suffering