The City Of Rome is named after Romulus and not Remus because, Romulus killed his brother and installed himself as the first king. True
Key features of Gothic Architecture are Flying Buttresses, Gargoyles and Chimeras, Lighter construction making it possible for a great number of windows.
Another technological achievement that allowed Gothic cathedral to more evenly distribute weight was the Flying Buttresses
Technology such as rib vaulting made Gothic architecture possible by Allowing for lighter construction and more evenly distributing the weight
Dominican monk that wrote the Summa Theologica and helped inaugurate the movement known as Scholacticism St. Thomas Aquinas
In the Commedia who guided Dante through hell Virgil
Dante’s Commedia is divided into three books , each containing thirty-three Cantos
The University of Bologna , one of the first medieval universities was dedicated primarily to the study of Law
Characteristics of Dante’s Commedia Numerology, Historical Figures, and Allegory
The Word “Hellenic” Means Greek
Alexander carried Hellenic culture as far east as India
In Golden Age Athens, Laws were made by Male landowners
In the Republic, Plato argues that who should govern Philosopher-Kings
The origins of Greek drama are probably found in Religious Celebrations
This philosopher believed in an ideal world of forms, and objective reality. Plato
This Philosopher was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock for “corrupting the youth of Athens” Solon
Media Res Beginning in the middle
Xenia Appropriate guest host relations
The writings of which classical philosopher had the greatest influence on the rise of medieval scholasticism Aristotle
The un free laborers in sparta were called Helots
The two great epics of the Greeks, the Iliad and the Odyssey feature The heroes of the Trojan war
Socrates hated the Sophists becuae They were said to make the weaker argument stornger
____developed a constitution that was the basis for later Greek democracy Solon
Lex Tailones The law of the claw
Medan Agan Nothing to excess
The philosopher, who wrote MetaPhysics, and tutored Alexander the Great Aristotle
Olympic Games held every 4 years in Olympia when 776 BCE
Discobolus of Mylon “Discuss thrower”
Rules for Epic 1: ID the theme2: Invoke the muse 3: Begin in Media Res
Catharsis Purging of strong emotion’s specifically pity and fear
Paterphalimias The father provides
Pietas Beautiful Respect.
Pantheon The prefect building Pan = AllTheos = gods
Who legalized Christianity? Constantine
Why did Constantine legalize Christianity? Part of his goal to unify the empire
City State City Proper and Area around it controls.
Oracle you have faith that is determined by the gods
Roman portraits were more Realistic
Imago Deo In the image of God
Greeks were better in Art and Philosphy
Punic Wars Greece and Carthrage
Because they are a governing empire…Rome values what? Age and Wisdom
Varism is latin for Truth
Epic Poem Thing that were most important to scoiety
Types of Christianity Syriac, Latin, and Greek
Pax Romana instituted by ceaser augustus means what Roman Peace
Three Roles of medieval period: PeasantsNobilityMonks
Neolithic Megaliths Big Stones For Example Stone Henge

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