How Each Character Died in King Lear

King Lear Enters the scene carrying Cordelia’s dead body and dies immediately after he thinks he sees Cordelia start to breathe.
The Fool Completely dissapears at the end of Act 3 and is replaced by Edgar.
Albany Survives and offers Edgar and Kent their power back.
Goneril Commits suicide after poisoning Regan and Albany learning of her conspiracies against him through marriage to Edmund.
Regan Poisoned by Goneril.
Cordelia Is ordered to be hanged by Edmund after bother her and Lear are arrested.
King Of France Leaves Cordelia in battle to attend issues that were in France
Cornwall Killed by a servant for cutting out Gloucester’s eyes.
Edmund While he is dying of a wound he sends a servant to try to save Lear and Cordelia, regretting having ordered them to be killed.
Gloucester Died from being torn between grief and joy after Edgar reveals himself to him.
Edgar Survives but refuses his power offered by Albany.
Kent Survives and accepts the power offered back to him by Albany.
Oswald While delivering a letter to Edmund, he pledges to kill Gloucester if he sees him, but when he does he runs across Edgar in disguise who kills him.