Hamlet Vocab: Act 3, Scene 4

straight straightaway, immediately
pranks malicious deeds
round blunt
idle foolish
rood cross
glass looking glass, mirror
leave leave off, cease
proof invulnerable (like armor)
sense feeling
blurs stains, defiles
contraction i.e. marriage contract
rhapsody jumble
index table of contents or preface introducing a book
Hyperion’s the name of the sun god
front forehead
combination group of features
ear i.e. of a cereal plant like wheat
blasting blighting
his its
batten glut yourself
moor barren land
heyday state of excitement
blood passion
sense perception through the senses
apoplexed suffering from apoplexy, paralyzed
conzened tricked
hoodman-blind the game of blindman’s buff
mutine incite rebellion
grainèd indelible
enseamèd greasy
cutpurse thief
important importunate, urgent
conceit imagination
incorporal immaterial
an end on end
capable responsive
effects purposes
want lack
ecstasy madness
reword repeat word for word
mining undermining
ranker more coarsely luxuriant
fatness grossness
pursy fat, flabby
curb bow
use habit
aptly easily
potency strength
minister agent
reechy filthy
paddock toad
gib tomcat
unpeg unfasten
mines tunnels dug under a fortress wall
packing leaving the country, carrying off a burden