Hamlet Vocab #2

Definition of discord disagreement, conflict, w/o harmony
discord as a verb discord
discord as an adjective discordant
discord as an adverb discordantly
definition of calumny a false and malicious statement meant to hurt someone’s reputation
calumny as a verb caluminate
calumny as a gerund calumniating
calumny as an adjective calumnious
calumny as an adverb calumniously
definition of primal first in time; original
definition of bestow to give or present as in a gift
bestow as a noun bestower
definition of orb sphere or globe
orb as an adjective orblike
orb as an adverb orby
definition of repugnant contradictory, inconsistent, distasteful, offensive
repugnant as a noun repugnance
repugnant as an adverb repugnantly
definition of choler anger or ill humor
definition of awry with a twist to the side; not straight, askew
awry as an adverb awry
definition of rank strong or offensive in smell or taste; rancid
rank as a noun rankess
rank as an adverb rankly
definition of sable made of or with the fur of sable; black or dark
sable as a noun sablw