Hamlet Vocab 1

ambiguous (adj) unclear, uncertain
ambiguous synonyms puzzling, vague
puzzling ambiguous synonym
vague ambiguous synonym
ambiguous antonyms clear, definite
clear ambiguous antonym
definite ambiguous antonym
assail (v) to attack with blows or words
assail synonyms bust, charge, trash
bust assail synonym
charge assail synonym
trash assail synonym
assail antonyms defend, support
defend assail antonym
support assail antonym
auspicious (adj) favorable; well-timed
auspicious synonyms promising, hopeful, lucky
promising auspicious synonym
hopeful auspicious synonym
lucky auspicious synonym
auspicious antonyms untimely, harmful
untimely auspicious antonym
harmful auspicious antonym
contrive (v) to invent; design
contrive synonyms concoct, create
concoct contrive synonym
create contrive synonym
contrive antonyms demolish, waste, fail
demolish contrive antonym
waste contrive antonym
fail contrive antonym
dexterity (n) skillfulness; proficiency
skillfulness dexterity synonym
proficiency dexterity synonym
dexterity synonyms skillfulness; proficiency
dexterity antonyms weakness; incompetence; inadequate
weakness dexterity antonym
incompetence dexterity antonym
inadequate dexterity antonym
enmity (n) hatred; loathing
enmity synonyms detestation, ill will
detestation enmity synonym
ill will enmity synonym
enmity antonyms adoration, love
adoration enmity antonym
love enmity antonym
impious (adj) unholy; blasphemous
impious synonyms sinful; ungodly
sinful impious synonym
ungodly impious synonym
impious antonyms saintly, reverent
saintly impious antonym
reverent impious antonym
invulnerable (adj) secure; powerful
invulnerable synonyms bulletproof, superman, invincible
invincible invulnerable synonym
superman invulnerable synonym
bulletproof invulnerable synonym
invulnerable antonyms submissive, weak
weak invulnerable antonym
submissive invulnerable antonym
jocund (adj) cheerful; happy
jocund synonyms gleeful, joyous
gleeful jocund synonym
joyous jocund synonym
jocund antonyms morose, serious
morose jocund antonym
serious jocund antonym
obsequious (adj) overly respectful; deferential
obsequious synonyms brown-nosing, servile
brown-nosing obsequious synonym
servile obsequious synonym
obsequious antonyms domineering, uneasy, insecure
domineering obsequious antonym
uneasy obsequious antonym
insecure obsequious antonym
obstinate (adj) stubborn; unbending
obstinate synonyms persistent, opinionated, hardened
persistent obstinate synonym
opinionated obstinate synonym
hardened obstinate synonym
obstinate antonyms cooperative, tolerant
cooperative obstinate antonym
tolerant obstinate antonym
jumping with parachute perilous
jumping without parachute pernicious
theoretical fear; ghost portentous
perilous (adj) dangerous; hazardous
perilous synonyms unsafe, vulnerable, risky
unsafe perilous synonym
vulnerable perilous synonym
risky perilous synonym
perilous antonyms safe, easy, straightforward
safe perilous antonym
easy perilous antonym
straightforward perilous antonym
pernicious (adj) harmful; destructive; tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly `
pernicious synonyms deleterious, wicked
wicked pernicious synonym
deleterious pernicious synonym
pernicious antonyms harmless, beneficial
harmless pernicious antonym
beneficial pernicious antonym
portentous (adj) ominous, threatening
portentous synonyms alarming, ill-fated
alarming portentous synonym
ill-fated portentous synonym
portentous antonyms calming, pleasing, wonderful
calming portentous antonym
pleasing portentous antonym
wonderful portentous antonym
usurp (v) to capture, seize
usurp synonyms high jack, infringe
high jack usurp synonym
infringe usurp synonym
usurp antonyms surrender, give in, relinquish
surrender usurp antonym
give in usurp antonym
relinquish usurp antonym