Hamlet test

Denmark What country/location is the setting?
Gertrude Old Hamlet’s first wife?
Gertrude Who marries Claudius
Young Hamlet Gertrude’s son
Claudius Old Hamlet’s brother, Young Hamlet’s uncle, the current king
Norway Where does Old Fortinbras rule as king?
Young Fortinbras Old Fortinbras’s son
Old Hamlet defeated him, to conquer land How did Old Fortinbra die?
Everyone believes that old hamlet died while sleeping in a garden, Cause was a poisonous snake bit him and killed him What is the official account of Old Hamlet’s death?
He was murdered by Claudius, by putting poison down his ear that killed him instantly According to the ghost what was said about Old Hamlet’s death?
Hebona The poison Claudius used to kill Old Hamlet
1) Old hamlet was killed before he could confess his sins, 2) it was unnatural because it was a brother on bother murder What is the double horror behind Old Hamlet’s death?
1 month how long after the death of old hamlet did Claudius and Gertrude marry?
2 months how long after the death of old hamlet does the play begin?
France Where does Laertes request to go back to school
Wittenberg, Germany Where does the king request for young hamlet to go to school?
because he is a scholar Why do the guards feel that the Ghost would speak to Horatio when he hasn’t spoken to them?
because Ophelia rejected his love What does Polonius believe is the cause of young hamlet’s madness?
Ophelia Polonius’s daughter
Laertes Polonius’s son
The Murder of Gonzago What is the name of the play Young hamlet asked for the players to perform?
1) Fish seller 2) selling women to men What are the two meanings of fishmonger
Polonius King’s chief advisor
Horatio voice of reason, schoolmate/friend of hamlet/scholar
Gertrude and Claudius the king and queen at the beginning of the play
the ghost what is the supernatural element the guards see
1 a.m what time does the ghost appear
Christmas What day out of the year the ghost does not come out on?
Cock crows Symbol: light is coming, dawn
Cornelius and Voltimand Claudius sends two people to norway?
he wants to keep an eye on young hamlet why does the king want to send young hamlet only to germany for school
Elsinore where the castle is located
because he may truly love her but he may not have a choice who he marries if he becomes king , all about polotics Why does Laertes tell Ophelia not to talk to young hamlet anymore?
Polonius Who loves to hear himself talk?
1) if you get into a fight, stick up for yourself, but do not cause one, 2) do not give money, or take money 3) hold on to his old friends and slowly gain new ones What is Polonius’s advice to Laertes before he goes to France for school?
governed (controlled) Ophelia is totally _______ by her father
because he really doesn’t know if thats the true old hamlet’s ghost or a evil spririt acting as his father Seeing the ghost the second time, he tries to make young hamlet follow him, why does Horatio try and stop him?
he thinks too much Young Hamlet’s tragic flaw
to leave her to her own conscience and to heaven What does the ghost tell young hamlet to do with his mother?
because the sword is in a shape of a cross Why does Young Hamlet make Marcellus and Horatio swear on his sword that they would never tell anyone about seeing the ghost?
He is going to go mad and insane What is young hamlet’s plan to figure out the true story on what happened to his father’s death? Yet he is still not sure whether or not the ghost is really him or an evil spirit
Reynaldo, says to him don’t put on faults suggest them; meaning asking people do you know this kid, what does he do, etc. Who does Polonius send to France to spy on Laertes and how?
to try and figure out the true meaning for young hamlet’s madness, and by the king and queen Why are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern called, and by whom?
they say the king of Norway has stopped young fortinbra from fighting Denmark, but now they will attack at Poland. Yet the quickest way to get there is through Denmark. Not sure if that’s a good idea to let them through since they were just about to attack What do the ambassadors announce about Young Fortinbra and him attacking Denmark?
that he is still mourning his fathers death, and mad about his mother marriage being too quick What does the queen believe about hamlet’s madness?
a prison What does hamlet call denmark?
Ambition What word does hamlet’s friends keep repeating to him?
yes Do his friends eventually tell him who sent them?
add in lines, so it can appear to be very similar to his father’s death An addition to asking the players to perform a specific play what does he also ask them to do?
because if Claudius really did kill Old hamlet then the play would bother his conscience and also it proves the ghost was telling the truth or not Why does he ask the players to perform the play?
act 3 What act in the play is “hamlet’s act”
To hid behind the curtain, and have the two of them meet and see how they react with one another What is Claudius’s and Polonius’s plan to see if young hamlet truly loves Ophelia?
angry, nasty, and rude because he knows that her father and the king are spying on them therefore he feels betrayed, he calls her a prostitute tells her to go live in a nunnery What is young hamlet’s attitude toward Ophelia?
Yes Does Ophelia actually know the king and her father are behind the curtain listening?
England, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Where does Claudius want to send Hamlet because he feels he is too dangerous, and with whom?
true Do Ophelia and Hamlet truly love each other, true or false
have the queen call him to her room to talk, and he would hid behind the curtain again Second plan, by Polonius- to find out why hamlet is mad?
because you want to catch someone you may not actually be sure, therefore he want another opinion or a set of eyes to make sure to agree with him Why does hamlet include Horatio in his plan to catch Claudius?
uses reason and not emotion to govern one’s life Stoic means?
all guards Who is Bernardo, Francisco, Marcellus?
bernardo Who saw the ghost first ?
attack denmark What does young fortinbra want to do?
he is going to try and find the ghost that night and see if it appears what does hamlet decide to do when he hears the news about the ghost from horatio in the beginning
he’s so upset, finds no value in life anymore, doesn’t enjoy anything, he’s depressed, nothing seems to make him happy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern finally meet with hamlet and he discovers they were sent for by the king and queen. How does hamlet describe his personal problems to them? What does he tell them?
4 months in act 3 scene 2 how long had old hamlet been dead?
the one to kill the king is the nephew, symbolizing a nephew can kill a king too How is the play difference from the true murder of hamlets father?
The Mouse Trap: because he’s trying to trap someone meaning Claudius What does young hamlet say the play is called when Claudius asks?
Yes, he gets up and runs out of the place, and Polonius screams for the lights since the king left; Claudius truly did murder Old Hamlet Does the play effect Claudius? how does he react? What does this mean?
Hamlet wanted to kill Claudius then, but he knew that he would of gone to heaven since he was in the middle of confessing his sins. therefore he is going to wait until he is committing a crime so he goes to hell. Also because he was doing it in secret, which he felt was not honorable looks like you did something wrong if not done in front of a crowd When the king is on his knees praying, and Hamlet shows up, what happens?
to his mothers because he called her, he gets anger pushes her down and she calls for help. Polonius not knowing what is happening he screams for help too and Hamlet thought it was Claudius therefore he went to the curtain and stabbed Polonius After the play where does hamlet go? what happens?
No he changes his mind Does the king still believe that hamlet is mad over Ophelia
1) not to be sudducced by the king 2) not to tell his secret of not being mad What does Hamlet tell his mother to do at the end of act 3?
accuses them of being spies and calls them sponges; meaning they are being used by the king. He will use them to gather all information he needs and then squeezes it to get all the information out, then throws it away What does hamlet think of Rosencrantz and Guilenstern?
1) people love hamlet 2) the queen loves hamlet and the king loves her so he would never intentionally hurt the queen Why must the kind not put the strong arm on hamlet? also reason why he doesn’t do something to hamlet if he knows he is dangerous (asked by Laertes)
he says he is being eaten by worms, but he could send someone to heaven to find him or look for him in hell himself. When the king asks where Polonius’s body is what does hamlet say?
the orders to call prince and have hamlet be beheaded (put to death) What does the letter say, that was written from the king to the king of England?
he’s realizing it is too late to get revenge on Claudius right now, so he is going to focus on that and nothing else will be on his mind. This is caused by seeing Young fortinbra and his soldiers fight over a very small and worthless piece of land What prompts hamlet to say ” my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth!” ?
she has gone mad, since her father has died What has happened to Ophelia?
he wants to be king and also to know why his father has died. that he going to be king Why does laertes come back to denmark? and what do the soliders say when marching in?
that his ship was attacked What does hamlet write in the letter to Horatio?
1) means of death 2) funeral 3) no swords etc. given 4) no formal ceremony What are the 4 things Laertes wants to know
1) 2 forces (Claudius and Hamlet) = fight = collision course2) Hamlet jumped to the other ship, meaning it was his plan all along, it was his escape root. he could of arranged this what are the 2 main reasons of this quote: “O’tis most sweat when in ere line two crafts directly meet”
the queens The messenger also gives letters from hamlet to the king and queen…which one is not told in the story?
fencing what is laertes special skill?
Plan A- to use an anointed sword and dip the tip into poison that even just the smallest scratch during a fight it can kill him, because there is no cure, he will die for surePlan B- get wine and put poison in that and make hamlet drink it what is laertes new plan to kill hamlet?
Ophelia drowned in a river, she was trying to pick flowers and she fell into it. he clothes eventually got heaven and pulled her down to her death. What news does Gertrude give everyone ?
because technically it is considered suicide Why does no one know what to do for Ophelia for a proper burial or not?
grave diggers What are the clowns?
if the water comes to you you didn’t, but if you go to the water you did, technically when someone commits suicide they should throw pebbles at them, unsure what true death is Why is Ophelia’s death questionable and what does the priest say about it?
30 years old during act 4 how old is hamlet?
1) clown becomes grave digger2) young hamlet was born3) old hamlet killed old fortinbras What are the 3 things that happen in one day
because he claims to love her more than Laertes does Why does hamlet jump into Ophelia’s grave with Laertes?
he changed the letter to behead them instead of hamlet, saying not to let them confess their sins What did hamlet do to rosencrantz and guildenstern?
Fortinbras who does hamlet recumbent to the throne?
because they did it to themselves, they put themselves in the middle of Claudius and hamlet Why doesn’t hamlet feel guilty for killing his 2 best friends?
hamlet keeps getting hits therefore Claudius is afraid and getting nervous that the plan will not work. When the fencing starts what happens?
she ends up drinking the poisoned drink that was suppose to be hamlet’s. The king tries to stop her but she does anyway and she dies What happens to the queen?
He’s slowly dying because his wound is deeper than hamlets, and die from poison What happens to Laertes?
he tells hamlet he’s sorry for this, him and claudius had a plan to kill him therefore causing hamlet to become enraged and stab the king and he dies as well. What does Laertes admit is going on?
he tries to drink the rest of the poison but hamlet stops him because if he dies no one can tell hamlets story What does horatio try and do? Who stops him and why
he dies on poison from the sword what happens to hamlet?