Hamlet Test

When did William Shakespeare live? 1564-1616
Where did Shakespeare live? Stratford on Avon, England
When did Shakespeare write Hamlet? 1600
What are 4 works of literature that assisted Shakespeare in writing Hamlet? -Historiae Danicae-Histories Tragiques-Ur-Hamlet-Anolothi
Who wrote Histories Tragiques? Francois de Belleforrests
Who wrote Ur-Hamlet? Thomas Kyd
What work of literature has its origins in Norse legends? Anolothi
What work of literature is the History of the Danes? Historiae Danicae
What are possible interpretations of Hamlet? -Hamlet, the victim of external difficulties; Claudius is too powerful-Hamlet, the Sentimental dreamer; too much thinking, not enough action-Hamlet, the victim of excessive melancholy-“Melancholy Dane”- clinically depressed/mentally unstable-Hamlet, the victim of an Oedipus complex- Freudian interpretation; he has an unhealthy love/attachment to his mother-Hamlet, motivated by ambition- he will do anything to be king-Hamlet, misled by the ghost- not an honest ghost; revenge
What are major themes found in Hamlet? -Justice/revenge-Destiny/purpose of life-Madness vs sanity-Appearance vs reality-Role of women-Rights and duties of kingship-Poison and Corruption(decay and disease)
What is Shakespeare’s 5 Act Structure? Act I: ExpositionAct II: Rising ActionAct III: Climax and dramatic reverseAct IV: Falling ActionAct V: Catastrophe
What happens in the exposition(act I)? Sets up major problems of the play
What happened in the catastrophe(act V)? Death
What is the dramatic reverse of the play? When Hamlet kills Polonius
What are the elements of a Shakespearean Tragedy? -Revenge motive-Internal/external conflicts-Comic relief -Tragic hero/flaw/mistake-Supernatural element-Chance happenings
What are the components of a perfect revenge? -Victim must be mentally and physically tortured -Victim must be damned after death-Person who takes revenge must damn his/her own soul
What has happened before the play begins? -Claudius has murdered King Hamlet-Claudius married Queen Gertrude-Claudius held fake election swung by Polonius
What was the story of how the king was killed? He was bitten by a snake while sleeping in the garden
How was the king really killed? Claudius used ear poison on king while he was sleeping
Who is able to speak Latin? Horatio
Which role did Shakespeare like to play? The Ghost
Who are Hamlet’s two main foils? Fortinbras and Laertes
Who acts as the “voice of reason”? Horatio
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”A little more than kin and less than kind” Hamlet about ClaudiusClaudius is now Hamlet’s father and uncle, which is unnatural
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”O, that this too solid flesh would melt” Hamlet monologueHamlet wishes to give into his despair and die
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?Act I, “seeming” Hamlet and Gertrude conversationHamlet says that Claudius’ and Gertrude’s marriage not only seems unnatural, it is unnatural
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Frailty, thy name is woman” Hamlet about GertrudeWomen are weak and too emotional
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”To thine own self be true. Neither a borrower nor a lender be” Polonius to LaertesPolonius wants Laertes to be true to himself while he is off on his own and to not buy or lend money
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” Marcellus to HoratioReferring to ghost(ghost has just beckoned Hamlet to follow him)Something corrupt/immoral is going on
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”The serpent that did sting thy father now wears his crown” Ghost to HamletTelling Hamlet that Claudius killed him, not a snake
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio Than are dreamt of in your philosophy” Hamlet to HoratioHamlet says that things exist that Horatio does not know of so he should accept them
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”And thus do we…by indirections find directions out” Polonius to ReynaldoReynaldo should find out what Laertes is up to indirectly
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Brevity is the soul of wit” Polonious to king and queenBeing brief is eloquent
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”The play’s the thing” Hamlet soliloquy Hamlet will watch Claudius during the play and see if he can detect any guilt
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Though thus madness, yet there’s method in it” Polonius asideSaying there is a method to Hamlet’s madness
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” Hamlet to Rosencrantz and GuildensternSaying life is what you make of it
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason how infinite in faculty” Hamlet to R&GMen are difficult and annoying
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I” Hamlet soliloquyHamlet saying he should have taken revenge on Claudius earlier
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”To be or not to be” Hamlet soliloquyTo live or to die
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”To the noble mind, rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind” Ophelia to HamletHamlet’s letters have lost meaning for Ophelia
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Get thee to a nunnery” Hamlet to OpheliaNunnery=convent or brothel; Hamlet saying Ophelia should never have children/Ophelia is a slut(sold herself out)
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Madness in great ones must not unwatched go” Claudius to PoloniusThey must watch Hamlet; crazy and powerful is a bad mix
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Give me that man That’s not passion’s slave” Hamlet to HoratioHamles values a man who is not a slave to his emotions, such as Horatio
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”The lady doth protest too much methinks” Queen to HamletReferring to the queen from the play; Gertrude saying that the “queen” is protesting so much one way that she will really act another
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Why look you now how unworthy a thing you make of Me! You would play upon me; you would seem to know my stops; you would pluck out the heart of my mystery” Hamlet to R&GHamlet saying that he cannot be easily manipulated
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”I will speak daggers to her but use none” Hamlet soliloquyHe will be verbally harsh with his mother, but he will not hurt her physically(he promised the ghost)
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”My words fly up, my thoughts remain below” Claudius soliloquy He is not sincere with his prayers
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Oh what a rash and bloody deed is this?” Queen to HamletHamlet has just killed Polonius
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”I must be cruel only to be kind” Hamlet to QueenHis cruel words were only to help her see her wrongdoing
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Let it work; For ’tis the sport to have the engineer hoise with his own petar and ‘t shall go hard” Hamlet to QueenHamlet is ready for any challenge that R&G throw at him
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”He’s loved of the distracted multitude who like not in their judgment, but their eyes” Claudius about HamletClaudius cannot kill Hamlet because Hamlet is loved by the masses
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”From this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth” Hamlet soliloquyFrom now on his soul focus will be on killing Claudius
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”No place indeed should murder sanctuarize Revenge should have no bounds” Claudius to LaertesRevenge should have no bounds, not even in a church
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Alas poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio” Hamlet to HoratioReferring to the court jester that used to entertain him
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Sweets to the sweet” Queen about OpheliaLovely flowers for the lovely girl(connects Ophelia to flowers)
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”There’s a divinity that shapes our ends…Rough-hew then how we will” Hamlet to HoratioFate shapes our lives no matter how hard we try to change it
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”The readiness is all” Hamlet to HoratioHe is prepared for his death
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied” Hamlet to HoratioHoratio must stay alive and tell others what happened
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to rest” Horatio to HamletHoratio says his goodbyes
Who said it, who about/to, and what does it mean?”For he was likely, had he been put on, to have proved most royal” Fortinbras to HoratioHamlet would have made a great king if he ever got the chance to prove himself
Hamlet was a student at the university in ___________, Germany Wittenberg
What is a foil? Character that is set up to contrast the main character
What are reasons the ghost would return? -Do good deed left undone-Warn country of danger-Hidden treasure left undiscovered-Tell of their death
When does the ghost appear(time of day)? Midnight
What is an example of an oxymoron in Hamlet? (Act 1, scene 2)”Merth in funeral and dirge in marriage”Merth=joydirge=sadness People of Denmark have conflicting emotions about Claudius being King
Who does Claudius send as diplomats to speak with Old Norway? Cornelius and Voltimand
Claudius says that Hamlet is next in line for the throne. Why is this ironic? Hamlet should have been king after his father died
Why does Claudius want Hamlet to stay in Denmark instead of returning to Wittenberg? Friends close and enemies closer
Hamlet says that Claudius is to his father as Hamlet is to _______ Hercules
Why does Hamlet say that women are morally weak? Gertrude remarried right away
Who is obedient? Ophelia
What advice does Laertes give to Ophelia? Ophelia shouldn’t be with HamletHamlet, as a royal, has to marry a royalOphelia shouldn’t lose her virginity to Hamlet
What does Ophelia say to Laertes before he goes to France? Don’t be a hypocrite
What character is all talk(windbag)? Polonius
What hypocritical advice does Polonius give to Laertes? -Be in the middle(golden mean), don’t under or overdo anything-Be yourself
Why does Polonius tell Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet? He is afraid her actions will reflect negatively on him
What color does Polonius use as a symbol for being naive? Green
(Act I, scene 4&5)What is going on inside/outside the castle and what theme does this relate to? Inside: wedding.coronation partyOutside: cold, damp, eerie, darkTheme: appearance/reality, which is the real Denmark?
What do Marcellus and Horatio fear the ghost will do to Hamlet? -Lead Hamlet into madness-Lead Hamlet to his death
What 3 requests does the ghost make of Hamlet? -Revenge against Claudius-Don’t hurt Gertrude-Take care of himself
What 2 requests does Hamlet make of Marcellus and Horatio? -Don’t tell anyone about the ghost-Don’t tell anyone that Hamlet is only pretending to be crazy
Why does Hamlet pretend to be crazy? -No one will question him/his motives-People won’t take him seriously-He doesn’t look like a threat
Does Hamlet trust the ghost right away? No
Who does Polonius send to France to spy on Laertes? Reynaldo
What four entrapments are set up in Act II? -Polonius uses Reynaldo to spy on Laertes-King and Queen have brought R&G to Denmark to spy on Hamlet/see why he is acting crazy-Polonius and Claudius will use Ophelia to see is Hamlet is “crazy in love”-Hamlet will recreate murder in a play to trap Claudius into a confession/look for reaction
Why does Hamlet call Polonius a fishmonger? They sell fish, Polonius is selling his daughter
What play is going to be performed in order to trap Claudius? Murder of Gonzago(plus additional lines written by Hamlet)
What play does the acting company first perform? Revenge for a Father’s death
What is “Revenge for a Father’s Death” about? Troy vs GreeceTrojan Horse(appearance vs reality)
How does Hamlet compare himself to the actor? -Actor can cry when he didn’t really lose anyone-Hamlet cannot cry when he lost his own father
What is the reason Hamlet arranges for the performance in front of the court(regarding the ghost)? -Testing the honesty of the ghost-Ghost is really a devil?
Meaning of “To be or not to be” speech -To live or to die-Is it nobler to suffer through life or to take a stand against life’s injustices and end your life? -Dying is like sleep-Dying ends heartache and pain that all people go through-However, what is in store after life? -If you stay alive, you will not have to go into the unknown-No one knows what happens after life-Men are too cowardly to end their lives for fear of the unknown
What does Hamlet decide at the end of his “to be or not to be” speech? To stay alive, but he thinks he is a coward for doing so
Where does Claudius want to send Hamlet? England
What two people does Claudius use to spy on Hamlet? Gertrude and Ophelia
What is prose? Regular speech, not poetry
When does Hamlet use prose? To actors(actors considered lower class, not as education)When he is crazy
How does Hamlet tell the actors to act and what is this an example of? Act naturally-oxymoron
What theme does “play within a play” go with? Appearance vs reality
What themes does “Julius Caesar” go with? -Revenge-Role and duties of kings-Appearance vs reality
What character played Julius Caesar? Polonius
According to the play, what kind of wife would remarry? The one who killed her husband
According to the play, how does a wife “rekill” her husband? When she gets into bed with her new husband
What does Hamlet later call the play that is being performed for the court? The Mouse Trap
Who says this and what does it mean?”Give me some light. Away” KingHe was to get away from the showLight=no more guilt
What analogy does Hamlet make between a recorder and R&G? Like a piper plays a recorder to get music, R&G are playing Hamlet to get info
What does the cloud look like according to Hamlet, and how is this making fun of Polonius? Camel(hunch-backed), weasel(Polonius is a weasel), whale(overweight)
What story does Claudius allude to in the chapel? Cain and Abel
What would happen to Claudius is he were to truly repent(turn himself in)? He would be killed and lose the kingship and Gertrude
What is the climax of the play? In the chapel where Hamlet could have killed Claudius but doesn’t
Why does Hamlet chose not to kill Claudius in the chapel? Hamlet thinks that Claudius has repentedIf Claudius repented, his soul wouldn’t be damned(not a perfect revenge)
Who is most affected by Polonius’ death? Laertes and Ophelia
Why couldn’t Gertrude see the Ghost? -Ghost isn’t really there-She isn’t in his favor
What does the Ghost remind Hamlet to do while in Gertrude’s bedroom? -Revenge against Claudius-Don’t hurt Gertrude
What two requests does Hamlet make of Gertrude? -Not to sleep with Claudius anymore(she now knows he is a murderer)-Don’t tell Claudius that Hamlet is only pretending to be mad
How does Hamlet get R&G killed? He rewrites letter to England
What will Hamlet do with the body of Polonius? Hide it
What makes Ophelia go crazy? Polonius deadGuilt- she thinks she made Hamlet crazy
Who is Claudius concerned about after the death of Polonius? Himself
What analogy does Hamlet make between R&G and a sponge? They soak of information and the king squeezes it out of them
Where does Hamlet say the dead Polonius is? At dinner(worms feeding on him)
______ is the great equalizer Death
Why does Shakespeare joke about death? Desensitize audience for all the death to come
When Claudius speaks to England, what is this an example of? Apostrophe/metonymy
What does Claudius ask England to do? Kill Hamlet
Describe how Fortinbras is a foil to Hamlet? Fortinbras: has noble, courageous, and loyal followers; fighting for insignificant piece of landHamlet: Far more reason to act but waits
What does Laertes gather an army of? Peasants
Describe how Laertes is a foil to Hamlet Laertes takes action right away after hearing about father’s death
How are flowers and Ophelia alike? Beautiful, bring people pleasure, need a lot of care, short lived/fragile
What flowers does Ophelia give to Laertes and what do they mean? Rosemary(remembrance) and Pansies(thoughts)
What flowers does Ophelia give to Claudius and what do they mean? Fennel(easily flattered/persuaded) and Columbines(adultery)
What flowers does Ophelia give to Gertrude and what do they mean? Rue(sorrow) and Daisy(false love)
What flowers does Ophelia give herself and what do they mean? Rue(sorrow)
What flower does Ophelia give to no one and what does it mean? Violet(faithfulness)
What is an example of chance happenings? Hamlet passes by pirate ship on way to England, pirates can bring him back to Denmark
What reasons does Claudius give to Laertes for why he didn’t execute Hamlet? -Public loves Hamlet-Gertrude loves Hamlet
What does Claudius trick Laertes into planning? A fencing match between Laertes and HamletLaertes will poison the tip of his sword
What is Claudius’ back up plan for killing Hamlet? Poisoning the wine
How does Ophelia die? Drowns-too much water(like a flower)Was while she was searching for flowersShe doesn’t save herselfLets the water take her away-symbolic of how people used herNo one there to protect her
Why is Claudius concerned when he hears that Ophelia is dead? He is mad at Gertrude for riling Laertes up
What are the three purposes of The Gravedigger Scene? -Comic relief-Viewpoint of commoners-Desensitize audience for death
Why was the priest at Ophelia’s funeral upset? He thought he should not be performing the ceremony because she committed suicide
What stereotype is Osric? Court fop
What is a court fop? Trendy, tries to seem important, gossipy
What news does Osric bring to Hamlet and Horatio? King has arranged fencing match with him and Laertes, king betting on Hamlet
Why does Hamlet agree to the fencing match? If he doesn’t, he will go to trial
Why does Laertes suddenly feel not right about poisoning Hamlet? Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before the match
What does Laertes ask of Hamlet before he dies? He asks Hamlet to forgive him
How was Gertrude killed and why is this significant? Died because of poison wineDied like Hamlet’s father(poisoned by Claudius), blind to Claudius’ sins
How was Claudius killed and why is this significant? Hamlet stabbed him and made him drink poison wineHamlet got his revenge, Claudius had arranged poison for Hamlet
How was Laertes killed and why is this significant? Poison swordHe stabbed Hamlet with poison sword, stabbed with poison sword(his idea)
How was Hamlet killed and why is this significant? Poison swordLaertes got his revenge, he killed Laertes/Laertes killed him
What is an example of a supernatural element? Ghost of Hamlet’s father comes to tell Hamlet to get revenge against Claudius
What is a malapropism? Purposeful misuse of word for comic effect
What are examples of malapropisms? Ergo=>argalSe defendando=>se offendendo
How is tragic hero/flaw/mistake present in this play? Hamlet and his inability to actDoesn’t kill Claudius in church, kills Polonius insteadWas prince, at the end is dead
What is a tragic hero? Person who falls from exalted position because of a tragic flaw which leads to a tragic mistake
What are examples of comic relief? -Gravedigger scene: malapropisms- argal instead of ergo -Osric: court fop stereotype-uses words he doesn’t know, takes hat on and off-Polonius: Hamlet makes fun of him-cloud shapes
What are examples of internal and external conflicts? Internal: Hamlet vs himself-whether or not to take action, could have killed Claudius in chapel but didn’tExternal: Claudius vs Hamlet- Hamlet trying to get revenge against Claudius for killing his father, Claudius trying to get rid of Hamlet, Hamlet kills Claudius
What happened to Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko? Was almost killed by ear poison
Why is Hamlet so popular now in Russia? Way of self-reflectionHamlet is Christ-like victim and weak-willed philosopher
According to Samuel Johnson, Hamlet is just and __________ in this revenge, rather than an _____ Instrument, agent